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July 07 2006

Jane Espenson has a new gig on Andy Richter's new show, "Andy Barker, P.I.", according to today's blog entry.

Didn't she have a development deal with one of the networks ? What happened to that ?
Yes, with NBC Universal. This show is a NBC Universal project, but I wouldn't know how that figures into her deal. (Also, I believe BSG, for which she is to be writing an episode soon, is an NBC Universal property.)
Aha, cool. Just seemed like kind of a step-down going from potentially developing her own show to staff writer but since it's with NBC i'd guess it's kind of a quid pro quo type of thing (plus, regular work, not to be sniffed at).

And she sounds like she's looking forward to it so good for her.
Correct me if I am wrong, but with a development deal it would seem that Jane gets paid whether she is actively working on a show or not since she is under contract to NBC/Uni. This sitcom seems to be her assignment.
Hmm, I never found Andy Richter that funny, but maybe Jane can jazz him up a little.
Yeah, BSG belongs to Universal.

Have to admit I'm disappointed--I was hoping she'd stay with BSG for a looong time.
I would have to second Rogue Slayer's sentiments. I've never thought Richter was funny. And I'm assuming this is a sitcom, a television genre that does nothing for me. But I'm hoping for the best for JE, and maybe this will be it.
"Andy Richter Controls the Universe" was (yet another) great show cut down before its prime... this has me pretty psyched.
I can't stand Andy Richter. I really can't. But maybe this will help.
What Septimus said, times 100, for me. Good luck, Jane! :-)
Geez, I've just read her blog for the first time -- despite the many links to it here on the Big W. Damned good! What a sensible and straight-shooting person she is. Which is pretty impressive considering she lives and breathes in the cut-throat world of Hollyrood.

"Make a friend." Best advice ever.

I think Richter is near a genius. Just sayin'. (Hence he may never score a popular program.)
Conan, Andy and Jane? That's pretty awesome. This is coming on midseason, right? NBC has some nice stuff coming up. Greenwalt's show, Haggis's show, Sorkin's show and now this.

So, this is sort of like the Fury thing with Fox/24?
Jane and Andy sounds good to me. Isn't Tony Hale involved too? Could be very cool.
Andy Barker, P.I. had about the best advance word-of-mouth for a 2006-2007 season sitcom from the critics.

Hopefully it'll be an assignment Jane enjoys.
Buffy's roundhouse kick is cool, but House has got that bum leg…

I love this line. I guess we shouldn't expect a Buffy vs. House story anytime soon.
Ohhh Tony Hale?! Maybe this show is going to be good after all!

I'd love a Buffy vs. House. Though I'd probably say that House would win. At least in biting sarcasm.
I dunno might be closer than you think. Buffy does pretty well on the sarcasm front and we already know she can deal with the biting ;).
I was wondering if someone was going to go there, and there went Saje. ;-)
"No depths unplumbed, no fruit too low" is my motto. Or it would be, if I started having a motto ;).
I'll remember that the next time I see, er, plumby depths and low fruit. ;-)
Hm, while Andy Richter's schtick on Conan sort of bored me and I refuse to watch any of the films he's been involved with on basis of him alone (since they're rather terrible looking, his bits included). However I oddly enough really loved "Andy Richter Controls the Universe." I think it was since in that series he was played off more as the straight man, rather than the grown man in a baby costume.

While I think all of Espenson's spec script writing tips are cool and useful (or would be, if I got around to writing any, to lift that phrase), it'd be interesting to get a bit more insight into her own experiences rather than just when they're convinent lead ins to her actual writing tip. I do sort of wonder why it's such a low-key announcement from her though.

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