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July 07 2006

Seth Green's 'Best Man, Worst Friend'. Airs Sunday, July 9th at 8:00p.m. EST on ABC Family.

The ABC Family site is weird, and offers its news in Word DOC and Acrobat PDF format. (Did I do this right? It's my first front page post.)

Seth's character is named Murray, I don't know why but I just find that funny. I might watch just to hear him called by that name. Who am I kidding, it's Seth of course I am going to watch.

But still Murray.... **LOL** :)

And yes Brisco it was a good first post. Congrats. Although you might want to add a period after the link.
Like > Seth Green's 'Best Man, Worst Friend'. Airs Sunday, July 9th at 8:00p.m. EST on ABC Family.
Thank you very much for that little tip. I'm still debating watching this or that other thing on Sunday that I can't think of right now... so it will probably be this.
EDIT: Looks like I'll be missing it too. I just looked in my local listing, and what I thought was ABC Family was just ABC. Dang.

[ edited by Brisco on 2006-07-09 03:43 ]
Have you seen the ad? He puts on lipstick while on a train. I have got to see this.
ok, I looked EVERYWHERE (well, everywhere I could think of in under two minutes) and the only trailer I found online was in German... so if you sprechen the deutsch, enjoy! Oh, and no lipstick in this one :(

Wacky German trailer

[ edited by UnderTheDark on 2006-07-08 04:59 ]
Ugh..i'm going to miss it. And it looked good, too.
ABC Family is to the Buffy cast, as Stephen King Made for TV movies is to the cast of Wings.
Definitely a b film, but i laughed. and quite a bit... Seth's accent is quite good.

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