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July 08 2006

But did their penises get diseases? Ok, I totally accept that this may be too tenuous a connection to keep up here, but if you read the article, you'll get it. Let's just say that Jane Espenson probably did a little research about Californian tribal history!

According to space historian Robert Ash, construction workers building the (space launch) pad unearthed human remains from an ancient Chumash Indian burial ground. Members of the tribe asked the Air Force to study the area and move the remains to another location, but the military brass ignored the request and continued construction.

Naturally this angered the Chumash tribe, and, according to local legends, a tribe leader put a curse on the site.

Read on to find out just how the curse affected the program!

Thanks RogueSlayer. Great article. Although it's dated 27th June I suppose we'll never find out if the launch was successful.
Spooky. Fact imitates fiction.
Bwah! First prize for getting 'penises' in a headline.
And not in a gratuitous way, either, Caroline! ;-) Thanks for posting that, Rogue Slayer, it was a very interesting article.
The recent launch was apparently a complete success.
I think they should beware of bats, keep an eye on their ears, and stay on the watch for other animals. Also arrows, malaria and smallpox.

The recent launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base of the Delta IV with NROL-22, a satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, was apparently successful. No widespread outbreaks of syphilis have been reported so far... Maybe I shouldn't keep gathering all my friends together to chant this:

"First people who dwell in mishupashup, hear me and descend. Walk with me upon itiashup again. Hear me also, nunashush. Spirits from below... Creatures of the night... Take human form and join the battle. Bring me my revenge." -- "Pangs," BUFFY 408
Ah, this makes me want to pop OMWF back into the DVD player. Thanks for the reminder. :)
Yeah, congrats on the non-gratuitous penis mention Rogue. The world could do with a few more non-gratuitous penises. Umm, kind of.

The recent launch was apparently a complete success.

For now, muhah, muhahahahah, muhaha *cough*, muh... ha.

No widespread outbreaks of syphilis have been reported so far

But somebody did make a bear. Reports indicate they're currently trying to "Undo it ! Undo it !".
What a way to wake up! I had to rub my eyes to make certain I wasn't still half asleep when I saw the headline. And nobody yet has noted the obvious: the cultural associations between rockets and penises. I think in this case a rocket is not just a rocket. Jane did get it right. Thanks for the fun, Rogue Slayer.

Isn't it penes?

You know, like crisis/crises? :)
I thought it was penii.
But what is the plural of apocalypse?
Or nemesis? (Nemesises? Nemeses?)

[ edited by palehorse on 2006-07-08 16:54 ]
Apparently both penes and penises are correct. Occording to the OED even peni (with just one i), though irregular is also sometimes used.

Unfortunately there is no entry for the plural of apocalypse, though it gives a quotation (from 1621) which uses apocalypses as plural.

The plural of nemesis is given as nemeses.

[ edited by Celebithil on 2006-07-08 17:04 ]
This is a really excellent topic and one I have wished to see discussed on the site for quite some time.
Thanks, Celebithil, for correcting my spelling. But the plural issue I was just joking with, based upon the running joke in Buffy. I should have attached a smiley.
Palehorse, I was just intrigued by what the plural of penis would be (never having had any use for it), and since I already had a dictionary ready I figured I'd just look the rest up as well. I recognized the joke from Buffy (though I can only recall the one time from Gone, so I don't think it ran much [ETA though this is because my memory failed me]). Maybe I should have attached a smiley too :-).

[ edited by Celebithil on 2006-07-09 10:28 ]
Also that time Riley said it.

...Just thought you were a normal girl... you're a better demon killer than me... "Now I find myself wondering what the plural of 'apocalypse' is."
Strange that the plural of 'apocalypse' feels counter-intuitive but no-one thinks twice about 'eternities' ;).
I usually say 'penii' or 'peni'(you know, when conversation calls for it, which it often seems to do in my life), and they're perfectly perfect words as many words go, but the bother is they don't rhyme with diseases!

I'm glad you guys enjoyed this, props to my hubby for finding it at Joss connection which brings me closer to proving my theory that the world does revolve around him! To be honest, I figured it might be taken down. I never imagined I'd wake up to props for talking about male phalluses. Or phalli. Take your pick.

Alright, off to Cap'n Jack now...I've done my damage here.
This is a really excellent topic and one I have wished to see discussed on the site for quite some time.

What, penises????
According to the OED even peni (with just one i), though irregular is also sometimes used.

Thanks so much for the image of using penises penes peni phalli that are irregular. Good times. ;-)
OK, don't boo me off the page, as I know I'm being obsessive (and I cannot seem to add to the number of plurals for penis), but I just checked in again and wanted to add that the nemeses joke came up again in CWDP, in the conversation between Buffy and Holden Webster, and there was at least one other episode in which Buffy stumbled over the word, although I cannot remember which. So it did have a bit of a run. :-) (And thank all for your for your forbearance.)
The nerd trio also tried to pluralize 'nemesis'.

"We're your archnemesis... sis... ses."
Penises, Penes....

I will never look at Pene pasta ever again.
What is tenuous or not around here seems to be rather ... tenuous ...
"What is tenuous or not around here seems to be rather ... tenuous ..."

When scoring for whether something is post worthy, I think extra points are given for originality and humor...and in my opinion, rightfully so. ;-)

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