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July 08 2006

We Have Our Summer Knight. James Marsters has been announced to read the fourth book in The Dresden Files series, "Summer Knight." (reg. req.)

We just got word from the ladies at Buzzy that James Marsters has agreed to read SUMMER KNIGHT! He's done such a great job with the first three books and we're thrilled they were able to get him again.

I'm not sure when the audio will be avalailable for preorder, but when it is, you can get it here:

I am so thrilled! This is such wonderful news, since I love his readings of the first three and this is one of my favorites.

This was my first post, hope I did it right!

You did great nyghtpet. I know lots of people were hoping for this.
The Dresden Books are great fun to read. I've never listened to the JM audio books but I did buy the novels because of his involvement in them. Think Harry D'Amour meets Harry Palmer. Highly recommended.

And whoah. There's Buffy references in the books too.
I think I may actually be inspired to buy these audio books now. I've heard the stories are really awesome and with James' voice drawing me in...whats not to like?
James Marsters does an incredible job reading these books, they really hold up to repeated listening (as well as loaning out to all my friends). I own all the earlier Dresden audio books and I'll definitely pre-order this one as soon as they list it!
I've never actually listened to an audio book, since I'd much rather hold a book and read it myself than having it read to me. I did read the first Dresden book last week, and really enjoyed it, so I'll be giving the next few books a try as well.
The Dresden books are Godly. The best way I can describe them is if Harry Potter grew up, became a detective of sorts and Whedon was writing them. Seriously. They can go from bust a gut hilarious to horrific in an instant.

Plus, Summer Knight was a lot of fun and featured one of my favorite mythological elements: The Fae.
Awesome books, and an awesome voice for it. I keep meaning to pick up one of the audio books, but have hedged off, as the series really does pick up later on. That picking up starts in Summer Knight, so this will probably be the point where I give in.
Iíve never read the books, but Iím hooked just from these glowing comments. And, a chance to listen to James? Iím in! Whereís the best place to buy the audio books?
I'd go to I would say, or maybe this site. Never been there, but you might be able to order them from there!
I'd add a caveat... the books are great and James' reading of them is fantastic but don't try to listen to them and drive at the same time ! I nearly drove my car into a ditch last year when I got somewhat over involved in the story line ( OK James was reading a rather sexy scene and I got more than a little distracted!)
I 'm thrilled that James is going to be reading Summer Knight , I love the way he takes on all the different voices and characterisations of the entire cast of human and magical characters and makes each character distinct and utterly believable * runs off to find " Storm Front" and start a re-listening session*.
Thanks for the buying info, nyghtpet, and for the important safety tip, debw! Iím off to buy the first book and locate a safe - and apparently private - place to listen to James reading it.... (sigh) Does it get any better than this?
I've only heard clips of him reading the books, but like debw says, he seems to add a lot of characterization and different voices to the stories. Seems like it would be much more interesting than other audio books I've listened to read by much more famous folks than James. One in particular was a book read by the 'King' himself...for being one helluva horror writer, I found his reading of his own stories to be boring.

I noticed that many of the books are starting to come out as MP3 cds so you can get them them quite a bit cheaper than the original audio books were. Which is one of the reason's I've never quite justified it to myself to buy the audio books, seemed like a lot of money for books I've already read. Perhaps now I can justify it. I also noticed that there's an Alan Dean Foster book on the buzzymultimedia site, one of my favorites!

@Simon, yeah he's pretty blatant with the Buffy homage, but he uses a lot of other pop culture references as well. His latest gives you everything from Chucky to the Queen Alien B#tch herself, even if he couldn't come right out and call them by name.

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I'm not a fan of audio books either, but perhaps I can have the book in my hands and read as James says the words?

I hope this one comes put as MP3 because I can't spend so much money on audio books.

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MP3 would be great, that would really help out my checking account:)

And yes, Butcher has referenced Chucky, Alien, They Live, all sorts of fun horror stuff in his latest book. (I'm a horror movie freak, so this make me want to marry Dreden all the more now.)
James' official site has now confirmed the news:

Wizards and Faeries and Bob! Oh My!

James will soon be back in the recording studio to narrate "Summer Knight", the fourth book in the popular Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher. James is pleased to once again be associated with the Buzzy Multimedia team and looks forward to the project and for whatever Harry might have up his sleeve. Details to follow.

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