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July 10 2006

David Boreanaz's Dad Talks 4th of July Parade Coverage. Dave Roberts (DB's dad) gives his thoughts on Channel 6's coverage of the July 4 evening parade and concert as well as mentioning the upcoming season of Bones.

For years, he and Patti have also been the parents of actor David Boreanaz. Dave points out that Davidís hit series on Fox, "Bones," has some interesting twists when it begins its new season. The date for that is Aug. 30.

I was hoping there would be a picture of him. I grew up watching Dave Roberts do an afternoon show for kids. I think my brother and the rest of his cub scout troup were on the show once. How's that for a tenuous DB connection?

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If you want to see what David will look like in his 70's, just go have a look at his dad. Still handsome!

I also grew up watching Dave Roberts & had a head-smacking "duh!" moment when I read that he was David Boreanaz's father. Of course - he definitely takes after his dad.
Thanks guys! Yep, Dave Thomas, Rocketship 7. And he is still a handsome guy.
Are you guys from Western New York, too? I think David was in my CCD (Catholic education) class in Clarence before his family moved away, but I had a crush on his dad, not him!

P.S. This prompted my first ever comment. Thanks for a smile!
I never knew DB's dad was a weatherman/kids show host. That totally rocks! Isn't George Clooney's dad also a local newscaster somewhere?
Here's my six degrees of separation to DB. We live in PA and a friend of a friend was neighbors with the "Davids." DB dug her car out of the snow once and the friend of a friend claimed he was even better looking in person. Or so I have been told...
I grew up about 8 blocks from the WKBW studios, so yeah. When DB was in Toronto for the premiere of his movie, he spoke of coming up to Toronto as a kid and how exciting it was- until one year he slammed the car door on his fingers during the trip. We all winced.

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