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July 10 2006

Happy Birthday Chiwetel Ejiofor! Happy Birthday to our own, Chiwetel Ejiofor! He turns 32 today.

Chiwetel Ejiofor played the Operative in Serenity.
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hooray! Happy Birthday Chiwetel!!!
happy birthday Chiwetel, you are the most badass dude in the AWESOME actor!
Happy Birthday Chiwetel!
Happy Birthday to a fellow Cancerian.

Hey! You also share a birthday, though not the year, with my brother...I guess I better wish him a happy birthday too. ;-)
Happy birthday, with many happy returns and lots of fun today, to a great actor! I just saw Melinda and Melinda on cable this weekend; not so much for the movie, but Mr. Ejiofor played an American piano player/composer, completely different from The Operative and just as convincing. Well done, Chiwetel! I can't wait till Kinky Boots comes to cable! :-)
My twin billz, I saw Melinda and Melinda back in January, and while I actually thought it was very good, you're right, Mr. Ejiofor is a very gifted and versatile actor. :-D

Anyway, happy birthday, Chiwetel! (Psst...can I call you Chewie?)
You know on Amazon, I saw a link to Serenity and instead of saying Joss or Nathan's name, it said Chiwetel. Awesome.
Happy happy birthday, Chiwetel!
Happy birthday!
Happiest of Birthdays to you Chiwetel! A more frightening villian I cannot comprehend. And from such a charming man. Nicely done.

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