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July 10 2006

Top Ten TV Shows Discovered on DVD by Firefly is #7. Tru Calling and Battlestar Galactica also get mentions.

No Buffy or Angel:(

No Buffy or Angel:(

Probably cause she watched them on the telly the first time round.
Dead Like Me was mentioned. I am extremely happy.
I find it amazing that a show that had such disdain for its audience as Tru Calling could be mentioned in the same list as BSG and Firefly (or many of the other shows). Did it really get that much better by S2?
Someone show this person Wonderfalls. ;-)
Dead Like Me was mentioned. I am extremely happy.

Dead Like Me was okay...but it was virtually the same episode every week!
Dead Like Me was okay...but it was virtually the same episode every week!

No, it was more like monster of the week. Except death(s) of the week. They were all related by some concept as described by George's voice-overs. It was nice while it lasted.
Tru Calling was one of those "almost but not quite" kind of TV series. The first half of Season 1 was about as bad as television can get: formulaic setup, dumb plots, stupid dialogue, sloppy characterizations, undercooked mythology--you name it, they did it wrong. The only bright spot was the star, and Eliza's presence almost single-handedly kept the ratings up.

Near the end of Season 1, the producers brought in Jason Priestley as Jack, the anti-Tru, and Priestley's smarmy persona perked the stories up a bit. Comedian Zack Galifianakis, as Davis (Tru's version of Giles), started to come into his own. But the stories were still dumb and the mythology was still too vague, and it didn't seem worthwhile to renew.

Fox renewed it anyway. They brought in Jane Espenson to clean up the mythology. And in the fourth and fifth episodes of Season 2, some of the ambiguities of the series stopped being annoying and started to become intriguing: who is in the right here, Tru or Jack? Jane E. and Doris Egan were ramping up to revamp the mythology, turn the series on its head, and blow our collective minds...

So Fox ran out of patience and cancelled the series a week later.
I dont have cable/satellite so much of what I watch is on DVD. When I try to watch broadcast television the commercials are especially anoying because Im not used to them. I also find myself wanting to pause or rewind a broadcast show or a movie in the theater.

I agree with the writer that its difficult to tune in to a show week after week. Its not even that I am so busy, its just tham I am sort of lazy and easily distracted. :)

When I do have an opportunity to watch some cable/satellite TV it always surprises me how often you can have, say, 75 channels with nothing good on.
Thanks cjl. I'm afraid I'm one of those who checked out after about 4 episodes. Aside from the things you mentioned the constant need to bombard the audience with what they had just seen, minutes earlier drove me nuts. I remember Jane E. coming aboard but it seemed such a short tenure thanks to the show's ebbing fortune that I never did come back in for another look.
I kind of wish Buffy and Babylon 5 were on the list. I feel that both of those were unbelievably impressive shows. The characters and storylines stick with you.
Again, the list is shows *discovered on DVD*. Mayhaps the writer saw Buffy and B5 on TV.

(They'd be on MY DVD list though, I watched both on DVD... and love them both.)
Freaks and Geeks seems the obvious #1 to me. :confused:
I discovered Buffy, Angel, Firefly, BSG on DVD. Now I cant watch shows on tv - who wants to wait a week or longer to see the next episode. Cant wait till Veronica Mars is out in Austrlia, BSG Season 2 as well.

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