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July 10 2006

ASH on "Only Fools on Horses". Anthony and his partner, Sarah Fisher, will be filming an appearance in 'Only Fools On Horses' on Wednesday, July 12th. Their appearance is scheduled to air either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, July 12th - 14th.

The programme description is as follows: "From novice horseriders to competitive showjumpers, twelve celebrities live and breathe the world of horses for nine days in aid of Sport Relief. They compete against each other for points and viewer votes, with one being hoofed off each night."

The programme airs on BBC 1 from 9 - 10pm. For more information please visit the 'Only Fools On Horses' website at:

Anthony and Sarah are also scheduled to appear live on the BBC 3 show 'Only Fools On Horses On Three" on Wednesday July 12th from 10.00 - 10.30pm.

Not that I will be able to watch this, me being in the USA and all, but any idea what they are going to be doing on the show?
No clue. That's all the information that was available. There might be some more info at a later date.

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