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July 10 2006

Happy Birthday Ron Glass! Our dear departed Shepherd Book is 61 today, according to the IMDB. :)

Both the Shepherd and the Operative's birthdays on the same day? Could this be some kind of hint into Book's past? *nudge nudge wink wink* Happy birthday Mr. Glass and Mr. Ejiofor! Happy 25th birthday to me and Ms. Glau in two weeks as well! Long live the July babies!

This is my first post here (I waited many, many moons for registration to open up), so hello to everyone else at Whedonesque as well!
Happy B'Day Ron!

(Aside: Geez, I hope I look that good when I'm 61.)
Happy birthday Ron and Chiwetel!

And...yeah...totally freaky coincidence. I KNEW he was an Operative in his past!
Awww!! Happy Birthday Ron! We love ya!
Happy Birthday to Mr. Too-much-hair. ;) Mr. Ejiofor as well. And welcome Mr. Narse.
Happy birthday Ron!
Happy birthday!

July is a popular month for babies...maybe because we are so pretty...and modest. ;-)
Happy birthday to Mr Glass and Mr Ejiofor.

May they be, all of them, better birthdays.
Happy Birthday, Ron! I loved you on Barney Miller, and I love you on Firefly. You rock. And still hot at 61 :)
A very happy birthday, Ron!
Happy birthday, Mr. Glass. Long hair or short, shepherd or operative or ballet master, you are always perfect in your role! I have also listened to tapes of you speaking at the DragonCon and Milton Keynes cons that have been played back on the Firefly Talk podcasts, and you are one hi-larious guy! Thanks for all the entertainment, and hope that you have a great day today on your 61st -- never mind whether Book ever married or not, you are way too young to be a grandpa! ;-)
Happy B-Day, Mr. Glass! You are, and always have been, one of my very favorite actors. :)
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Glass!!
Oh, I see how it is! The only two black guys in the movie and they have to share a birthday--they can't even each have their own! Oh, it's an evil, evil world...! (Joking, joking ;> ;>!)

Happy birthday, Ron & Chiwetel. What an interesting coincidence!!
Happy Birthday Shepard! And Ron of course ;), two most wonderful men whose hearts were never in question. We miss Shepherd, but are thrilled by Ron every time we see him! May all your birthdays be filled with warmth and love.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Glass (not the guy from 'Unbreakable', that would be weird ;) and Mr. Ejiofor too. Thanks for Book and The Operative respectively, great characters both.

Wonder if they knew they shared a birthday (though, thinking about it, they may never even have met. Ah, the magic of the movies ;) ?

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