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July 10 2006

"Winding Roads" with James Marsters on Showtime. Here's a chance to see James Marsters in the indie movie "Winding Roads." (site not accessible to those outside the United States).

Late last week (pre-posting privilege), I caught this movie on Showtime, immediately after watching BtVS "Crush" on the local network. A double-bill of James Marsters in love. First as Spike, evil, obsessive love, and then as Billy, nice guy trying to do the right thing. Both struggling to make a connection, both failing, and, alas, both ending unrequited. I wouldn't have initially chosen these two as the perfect pairing but, when chance presented them, they worked beautifully. Now you have the opportunity to see "Winding Roads". What BtVS/Spike episode would you pair it with for your ideal double-feature?

thanks for the tip, I've never seen it.
Aww, he's so young and adorable in this movie.

I remember when this was being filmed in my college town of Springfield MO. It was billed as "Rod Stewart's wife's movie" around town. I think some of my friends got to be extras in it.

Alas, it was before I knew and appreciated James, or I might have tried to sneak around and get some pics of him 'before he was famous'!

Check it out. It's a must see for any James fan. You just wanna pinch his cheeks then give him a big ol' hug!
I love James in this movie. The quiet desperation of a man trying to do the right thing and then failing miserably. My heart went out to the character, and I found myself feeling more for him than the character who plays his fiance.

The movie is not brilliant by any means, but James shines, as always, in his role.
I find the main female character very annoying . She seems to equate strength with utter selfishness and the viewers are supposed to applaud her for it. Oh well , James as Billy is heartbreaking and very cute and it's a giggle watching Rachel Hunter trying to smoke a ciggie:)
Don't watch it! That was 2 hours I'll never get back. James is ok but the leads were so awful.
I agree with debw about the amusment aspect of watching Rachel Hunter smoking (even seeing her try to hold the cig convincingly is funny), and it's the kind of movie where you have to snatch entertainment where you can. But JM is wonderful. And all curly-haired and cute.
I'm not a big fan of him, so I probably won't watch it.

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Your loss cityof. Yes, I agree that the female actors aren't very good, but James is great in this movie, as he is in everything he does. Once again he breaks my heart. Why can't this adorable man end up with the girl?!?! I'll take him!
Why can't this adorable man end up with the girl?!?!

Because James does heartbroken so well!

I agree with others that, as a whole, the movie is crap. But it's so worth it to see young, dark haired James being all teary and huggable!
I have to agree that the female characters are fairly unlikable and the motivations of the lead never seem that plausible. But James is, as usual, the reason to watch because he managed to find some truth from a weak script with his performance. Plus, it's fun to watch him play a normal, somewhat clueless guy with brown curly hair who drives a pickup. So adorable!
It's definitely a first movie. I think the main reason the female characters are so unlikeable is that they weren't developed. They're introduced, we learn what their problems are, and, then, boom, we're at the resolution. We're never shown their journey. How did they get to where they made the decisions they did - especially Billy's (JM) fiancee (how do you do accent marks here?). A weak script and a short movie (only 1.5 hrs) led to very little character development. It is left to the actors to bring something to the table. As stated above, JM delivers. At the end, when he's so hearbroken but still being kind, brings a twinge to your heart. Not a great movie but a solid performance by our man James.
It's definitely a first movie. I think the main reason the female characters are so unlikeable is that they weren't developed. They're introduced, we learn what their problems are, and, then, boom, we're at the resolution. We're never shown their journey.

I agree. I know at the end, I was supposed to feel all empowered as a female and supportive of the woman's decision to leave, but I just felt like she had been a selfish bitch, and I was given no reason to really feel for her.

Hmm, now I'm wondering if it's just me...feeling that way about the women who break James' character's hearts! At least with Buffy, I grew to see where she was coming from and what had led her to the bitchiness in her life.
I agree with you, Rogue Slayer. The fiancee (see, I can't even remember her name & I saw this only last week), just leaves. She never talks with Billy before leaving to give him a chance to work things out nor does she give him a real reason why she's, not only breaking off the engagement but also, leaving town. When she drove off, I said, "Good riddance." Now he'll find someone who likes him, his curly hair, pickup truck, and country music and who is kind and not hard like her mosaics.
If I had an opportunity to see Winding Roads I probably would. I like to see projects actors did on their way to fame and chart their progress. I sat through a film Nathan Fillion did called Water's Edge that aired on cable last week. Amateurishly bad in its production values, Nathan unsurprisingly is head and shoulders the best actor of the lot.
Or maybe James just plays so soulful and loveable that we get mad at anyone who would dare hurt a character he creates? ;)
I think that the three women characters would have been ciphers (and the lead truely grating) whether JM's character was sympathic or not. The fact that JM's Billy comes off as a human with feelings and not just boyfriend #2 only makes things worse. I don't want the time back, but I'm often taken in by the interesting movies that are not necessarily great, or good, or not terrible. Oh, the things I've seen in my years. I wonder how much time I've spent watching the pretentious, or weird, or unintentionally funny. It's probably in the weeks. Come to think of it, it would be great to have that time back,.... but I'd probably spend it watching more questionable movies. Sorry ramble out.
Before I had seen " Winding Roads" a friend (* waves to Betty from Monet MO*) sent me an audio tape of it with her commentary added. As the last scene played out she commented " I think that we're supposed to be applauding Rene for her strength and independence here but everyone in the audience is shouting
" THIS WOMAN IS NUTS!!". Sort of sums it up for me :)
Rats! Why didn't I check Whedonesque when I was in the States last week! I'd love to be able to see this film.

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