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July 10 2006

Tim Minear to attend Screenwriting Expo 5. Tim Minear will again host his Breaking the Story seminar where the audience will break an episode of Angel, Firefly or Wonderfalls. Warning: link goes to a lengthy pdf - see page 11.

I really should get around to ordering the DVDs of his first go at it. And Joss's. Money, where are you when I need you?
Tell it, Telltale! ;-)
I tried to get the first two DVD's but they won't ship them out to the UK if you don't have a credit card - I've got Switch card but they donít take those and trusty Amazon will not ship them. A world where I'm willing to pay cashy money for something and they won't take it. (*sob*)
Joss and Minear's seminars were well worth the money. If you have the chance to go, do it!! I went, learned alot. Laughed my ... off.

Aurey09 have you tried the writer's store? The website is www.

I would think they would have experience in shipping things overseas, i know they have the dvd's as part of their inventory.

I hope it works good luck.
Writer Store is a no go, I tried there too. Thanks anyway Shahua itís appreciated.

ANYA: ďCapitalism. A free market dependant on the profitable exchange of goods for currency."
Can't I exchange cashy money for Whedon and Minear DVD goodness?

Is this end of capitalism? And will poor Aurey09 even get her DVD's? No capitalism lives and no DVD get shipped.

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Aurey09, this may or may not be helpful.

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