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July 10 2006

Win Buffy stuff signed by Joss Whedon and Alyson Hannigan. It's all part of Mark Millar's efforts to raise funds to develop a cure for Crohn's Disease (which he suffers from). So you have a chance to bid for the utterly huge Chosen DVD boxset (signed by Joss) and a 'Once More, With Feeling' script (signed by Joss and Alyson). How good is that?

Normally we don't link to eBay stuff (and the link will be changed once the relevant Newsarama article goes up) but it's in a very good cause and Mark Millar is one of the nicest guys in the comic book industry.

Wow this is just too awsome, if only I actually had money. Dammit! Someone has got to hire me within the next few days right? Or perhaps I shall be in for a big lotto win? I'd like to take this oportunity to advertise myself, camera operator for hire, 500 pay desireable (so I can buy many perty shiny things), works from London. Do you think my ingenius scheme will work?
Hmm, wonder why they're not auctioning the items separately?
Damn, I wish I had a couple hundred bucks to spare, for both the cause and the shiny stuff on sale. :-(

And, yeah, Mark Millar IS one of the nicest guys in comics.
I don't really need the Chosen collection as I already have all the DVD's but I would like to get my hands on that script.
The Newsarama page is up now:
Oh good thanks for that heads up, eBay links are a pain as they disappear relatively quickly.

And wow it's up to 355 dollars already.
I absolutely can't afford this but my Dad has Chron's... so if I get outbid, that's awesome, more money raised - if not, I get some cool swag and don't eat for a while. For a good cause!
Good luck bidding, RachVG! I also know someone with Crohn's, it's not easy to deal with. Best wishes to your dad! :-)

Last I looked, the auction was $610 (US). I agree, I think 2 auctions would be a good idea, you'd probably get more money and be able to bid for the exact item you have most interest in. Well, I hope they make lots either way! :-)
Jonathan Woodward does a lot of work towards the Chron's & Colitis Foundation of America, too. I had a chat with him about it at Not Fade Away in May, told him that I'd told my Dad and Dad had said "That's America! It doesn't help me!" and Jonathan was really sincere, and said "Oh, but it does!" and I laughed and said "That's what I told Dad. Well, first I said "No, they're going to go 'Well, we've found some stuff out - but don't tell the English!'"

I've been outbid and I'm not sure I can afford to go higher, but I feel like I did my part for the charity by pushing it up almost $200, since it was at $355 when I started and I stopped bidding on $550.
Thought I might chip in on the auction, but it's over $1,000 already . . . phew. And all in a good cause.
Thanks for linking to this. I felt bad before just providing the story without any sort of ebay auction. Up to 1500 already, but the best part is that you can see some of the items that millar won in the past, including: the Robocop Triology!
Great story, RachVG! Yes, I can see it, "Medical breakthroughs only for Americans, show us your passports, please!" ;-)
"No, they're going to go 'Well, we've found some stuff out - but don't tell the English!'"

Hey, this is America, we'll be happy to sell our English friends whatever we find out. ;-)

My son's Dad has Crohn's too. Such a nasty disease. You hardly ever hear about it, but when it is mentioned a surprising number of people know someone who has it.

Good on those bidding. I wish I had money to be able to bid on something like this.
Two grand? Two bloody grand? Baisez-moi!
Would my feelings as I gaze at the Ebay auction image typify gluttony or lust? I'm trying to narrow down which of the 7 deadly sins I'm currently experiencing.

Other sins I would consider to obtain that script:

- Punching my mom in the face
- Eating shellfish
- Voyeurism
- Slander/Bearing false witness
- Brazen harlotry
- Eating porkroast on a Friday during Lent
- Witchcraft
- Mowing the lawn on a Sunday
- Being judgemental of the cast of Big Brother 7
- Tattoos

Just trying to be helpful. ;-)

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Want that script book real bad. If only I had $2000 to spare. Long sigh. Happy the money is going towards a great cause!!!

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