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July 11 2006

(SPOILER) Watch with Kristin Weekly Column 10/07/06. This week's Watch with Kristin column has some Whedonverse-related spoilery goodness.

Including news for Lost, Veronica Mars and 24.

Specific Whedonverse cast members mentioned include Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin Park) & D.B. Woodside (Principal Robin Wood)

kinda a stretch for Whedony goodness, but I'll take all the LOST spoilers I can get my grubby hands on...
I'm really glad to have read that, but the Whedon connections are a bit tenuous. I was hoping for something more like "New Whedon Show That Joss Has Been Keeping Secret from Us."

I can dream...
Yeah, I thought there'd be news of a TV movie or something! Oh well.
ugh, i had my hopes up. i should've read the entire post before clicking the link!

thanks for sharing anyway!
Lol, thanks for the share, luv.

But yeah, I'm with Nebula1400. I was hoping for more new-show goodness.

Or a Buffy Animated revival. (I can hope...)

((Edited for horrendous spelling.))

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