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July 11 2006

Return To Serenity DIY trailer described as "a fake trailer for a hypothetical sequel to Joss Whedon's Serenity. Hey, we can dream!"

This is how I imagine the pitch going for 'Return to Serenity':

"Neat, yeah… look I know it's a Western and all but does there really have to be horses, they don't pull in the big crowds."

"We could probably get Black Beauty or that horse's head from Godfather."

"That could work."
"Can the horses be CGI? Like maybe we can get the people who do the Garfield movies."
"Joss, can you make it more like it Brokeback Mountain?".
"Joss, can you make it more like it Brokeback Mountain?".

Can. Open. Worms. Everywhere.
"Or like 'Brokeback Mountain' meets 'Crash'. Can the ship crash into another ship ? Maybe piloted by a black Captain ? He and Mal fall in love but it's not requited, see, it's unrequited. Also, can Mal be called Mal Sparrow and be wackier ? Only not English. They're not selling right now."
"Joss, pirates are what selling now, so in the next movie could we put the Serenity crew on a old navy ship and have them be fight sea monsters and undead pirates under a curse? And could you do that all for under $40 million?"
"It would be good if Mal has been away for a while. Maybe 5 years and Inara has moved on but hey! she has a kid"
Mal settles down as the sheriff of a small town that becomes overrun by slimy wormy creatures...oh wait. He could settle in Plano and find Wash's long lost twin brother, Dry.
"Old TV is what the people want right now. Can we have the ship take on passengers who all find romance (with the help of the crew) in a series of vignettes? I think we can get Gavin MacLeod and Charo back on board..."
Props to Grounded for referencing my favourite Friends line while also being in context.
Aww, that's nice.

I'm just trying to figure out what the hell the plot is! Returning to Serenity Valley...for what?

*chides self for thinking WAY too much and not just enjoying this well-made trailer*
Serenity: More Gay, Less Fay.

Obviously, they're returning to Serenity Valley in search of SpockWash.
There is a perfect song for this! Return to Serenity a ballad by the band Testament. We have the song, we have the love, why not! Hey Viking Princess, let's make a movie! We want our trilogy!
Livewire, I think you mean VikingPrincess3. VikingPrincess is, like, a dude, dude.
Just too awsome
Return to Serenity (Or, Okay So I Never Really Left, Plus I Live On It, Although Yes I Got A Little Dark And Angry There For Awhile So Not So Much With The Serenity, And, Wait What Was The Question Again?)

Yep. Rolls off the tongue.
I'm still waiting for motherf'cking Samuel L. Jackson on a muthaf'ing Firefly to come out. They could even have a section of the ship for Dead Alliance Storage.
Props to Grounded for referencing my favourite Friends line while also being in context.

It's sad when I'm forced to steal a funny line from a sitcom :(
I quote Friends, like, all the time. Plus, Chandler line which makes it 10% more cool.
Like Water For River Is Made Of Chocolate, in which River's psychically-gleaned knowledge is transferred to the rest of the crew through her cooking of a few mystery meals.
"Mr. Whedon we got you that horses head to play Mal's long lost brother. It's got some ground rules it wants carrot juice on damand, with out the pulp, it wants to have a love scene with Morena and he's not going to read for the part, he physically can’t. So he’s going to adlib all his scenes because he saw the last movie, he, well he didn’t like it, said it was horse's sh't and he should know…okay, don’t say anything just think about it.”
Um, no comment...
"No comment" is a comment.
That wasn't bad, as trailer remixes go. I like the use of outtake footage, and the repurposed Starship Troopers stuff was kind of clever. I would have used different music, but altogether, fairly decent.
The horses should have tentacle faces like that dude in the new pirate movie.
I like how they say "shiny" a lot in the new pirate movie.
theonetruebix, yours is the title that's made me laugh hardest! Great stuff...
"You were almost there with Serenity, lots of stuff blowing up and little sensible dialog - now just get rid of that as well and we'll do a sequel!"
I just wanted to thank the fans whom made this clip, it was absoulutely brilliant. Thank you so much!
Can someone please radically alter my reality matrix so I really believe that this sequel's actually happening?

This actually resurrects a fanfiction idea I was toying with some months back along similar lines, with a job taking the crew back to Serenity Valley. *Gets writing*

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