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"Too much hair!"
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July 12 2006

Hot Chicks in Metal Bikinis, Cool Fightin' Tools. They Make, We Want. Because seriously, who doesn't crave a shiny metal brassiere with gravity-defying upthrust? Or a sleek pole weapon perfect for those hand-to-hand combat moments? Sword & Stone, Burbank, CA armor and prop fabricators extraordinaire to the industry, has you covered ...

... well, figuratively, since most of the female armor depicted is designed more for distraction than defense. But ANYWAY, more importantly, that tall, bad-ass pointy thing on the left in the primary link (the triple aluminum bill hook) appeared in an episode of Angel.

Also of note are all the neat Batman-related items, and these fierce metal stilletto heels. Wonder if Lilah Morgan has them in black?

SD Comic-con attendees can drop by their booth later this month to say hi - politely, I'd suggest :) If you're feeling majorly deep of pocket, looks like these folks can make your "serious collector" heavy metal dreams come true.

Ha. Weapons to die for, my dears. Although the Metal Stiletto Heels are indeed tempting (so practical and comfy for those truly gruelling hand-to-hands with trolls,) and I do covet the Klingon Fork for the high kitsch factor, what I really need is one of these here Brain Probes. The description says it was “made for Progeny” and although I know what they mean, I prefer to think this is intended for some really strict parenting.

Then again, all this gear is so showy. Sometimes the simple-yet-always-classic wooden stake is best.

"ANGELUS: Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... No friends... No
hope... Take all that away... and what's left?

-- BtVS, Episode No. 222

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And even the wooden stake has "styles" to it. I mean, think about the early stakes. very rounded, very whittled, very designer -- they looked too sanded down. The stakes later on were still round, but a lot cruder, more jagged points where the wood was whittled. And then there's Mr. Pointy, the mother of all stakes. Long, thin, very very very pointy. Though I wonder about the kind of wood they use for Mr. Pointy -- what kind of wood do you suppose they have in Kendra's native JamaicaBahamaAsiaEuropeistan? It'd have to be really, really strong lumber.

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Dunno Browncoat, best ask Wash.
LOL. Ok, someone needs to write an essay on stake analysis - the evolution of the stake in vampire slaying. What kind of wood, for instance, would be best, and the ways in which the stake should be whittled for best effect. Also, the effectiveness of just any piece of broken off wood (chair legs, banister supports, you name it). Any takers?
Well hey, I've got time (not really) and the first four seasons....I have noticed the evolution of the stake though, in the past.
If I had a favorite stake, I'd install it with grip. Slip a bicycle handle over it or something. Not the coolest look, but sooo comfy.

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my favorite description on their site:
Panties to match not shown - $250

not shown, no kidding :-)
most of their models don't look too happy (or comfortable)

I'd like to see the guys try to wear that stuff!
Numbereleven - True. Getting those stake splinters and blisters is no fun. ;-)

Or... a stake attached to the end of another weapon.
Hmm, that'd work but ideally you'd want some kind of killing device at the other end too. Maybe an axe or something similar. But, y'know, what's similar to an axe ?
TaraLivesOn -- my thoughts exactly. LOL In fact I'd go so far as to say a few look like they wish the weapons were real.
A post about a site with metal BREASTplates, and not one mention of Wonder Woman in the comments yet?

"A post about a site with metal BREASTplates, and not one mention of Wonder Woman in the comments yet?" -- theonetruebix

onetruebix, to hear is to obey...

"O Wonder Woman: A Limerick"

There once was a writer named Joss
Whom millions revered as their boss,
His new gal kicked ass
With eggs forged from brass
Wearing nothing but breastplates and floss.

(With heartfelt apologies to Joss Whedon, Wonder Woman, theonetruebix, Edward Lear & anyone who's reading this.)
In A State of Deep Horror and Remorse
-- QuoterShamed

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