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July 12 2006

Booster Events announces, Nano-con I featuring Gina Torres. Sunday Dec 3, 2006, the 1 day event will be held in Burbank, CA. It will be the weekend before Flan 2. The tickets will go onsale Friday, July 14.

Booster introduces a new innovation in conventions:

The NanoCon!

Do it all and do it one day! Photo opportunities, autographs, QAs, a cocktail party and a late night dance! We understand not everyone can get away for an entire weekend, so join us on a special Sunday in December 2006 for a jam packed day of fun with your favorite stars!

The Nano is specially scheduled close to Flanvention II so that you can either make a week of it or just attend what fits your schedule.

A one day event also allows us to bring in guests that might not otherwise be available!


So, presumably this means Gina not doing Flan.
That's right there was no way with her schedule to make it to the Flan 2. This was as close as they could schedule her to it, they were planning the Nano-Con for sometime in Nov originally but when this came up they jumped at the chance to get her as close to the Flan as possible. It really sucks but at least they got her. The word on the circuit last year was she was not doing conventions anymore, her last one was April 2004.
If memory serves, Gina was at Comic-Con 2005.
Cool. Prolly can't make it, but having Gina is awesome.
Ditto. I've already gotten my convention schedule locked in. Oh, well...Flan 2 is enough for me
Rouge I was refering to cons that she was booked at as a guest, though her own booking agent, not the comic con which was done by Universal.
I would guess Gina's production schedule for "Standoff" is pretty heavy. (That would mean, in turn, her role must be a big one, not just the higher-level-cop you report to once a week to be warned that you are on the verge of disciplinary action, a la J. K. Simmons as Pope in "The Closer" [which I actually like quite a bit].) You go, girl!
Well, I'm afraid I see this more as another money grab than anything else. I'm already paying a lot to get to Flanvention, never mind the hotel and the cost of the Con itself. To then add something a week before and expect us to jump up and down in joy and immediately shell out more money, well, it isn't happening here.
I'm really disappointed in the organizers.
Hi, I'm one of the organizers. I've been trying to get Gina since summer 2005. We've gotten so many requests for Gina, there was no way I would pass up the opportunity to have her and this was the only way we could do it. We originally tried to book one of the Lost actors for a Nano con, but it was a no-go. I figured some people would be upset, but the alternative was to turn down a Gina Torres appearance and that wasn't happening.
Well said, looking. My plans are already set in stone for just Flan 2, but a lot of Angel, Firefly and Alias fans will be glad to see Gina.
Sorry you're disappointed, Lioness.

BE has been trying to sign Gina for a very very long time now. She was not available for Flan I or II, but available for December 3rd. When opportunity finally knocks, you have to grab it. Period.

Yes, cons are expensive to attend. But you the attendee, assume the extra costs of hotel, food & travel, when you decide to attend a con. Stars today charge VERY high fees to appear in person.

The NanoCon not going to fit everyone's schedules & pocket books. Money grabbing? I think not. Poor timing? Maybe. But again, Hello, opportunity banging at the door. For me, now I have to make the decision of attending one or the other, can't do both. Yes it disappoints me, but that's my problem, not the promoters.
I wonder who's going to buy me a ticket? It's on my birthday :)
Oh, cruel money! I curse my lack of you! (I curse my lack of you for the James Marsters weekend, too, which rocks harder every time there's a new post about it!) ;-)
Well I'm very envious - Gina had to cancel the UK Cons I attended and I doubt very much now that we'll ever see her this side of the pond. If I get to see Adam in October she'll be the only BDH I haven't met. Hopefully someone will post report and pics in the library?
Money-grabbing?! Uh, hello? This is their business and they have the opportunity to not only be successful at it by making money (what? you thought they were doing this solely for the love of their fellow man?) but also bring a much-desired, seldom-seen star to the fans. Also, for folks coming from the Right Coast they may now be able to make a week of it and NOT have to book two sets of plane tickets so it actually MAY save some folks some money.

I don't mean to be a bitca, but it irks me no end when people get down on those who are actually just doing their jobs and, I must add, doing them damn well.
Rouge I was refering to cons that she was booked at as a guest, though her own booking agent, not the comic con which was done by Universal.

I guess by 'Rouge', you mean me? Though I didn't wear any today... :~D

I guess, as a Comic-Con attendee, I don't really care who books them, as long as they're there(and for like $10 a day, you can't beat that with a stick!). Granted, with no new Serenity movies, I suppose from here on(or rather, from Comic-Con '05 on) it will have to be through her own peeps, and not part of a contractual promotion obligation.

As far as being a money-grab...well, yeah. It's kind of the nature of the biz. People take advantage of an opening to make money. Only natural, really. And it's like any other event...if people have the money and motivation, they can spend it how they like. I have no intention of going to either con(though if Nano could snare SMG or DB, I'd probably break down), but's money and motivation. And I think I'll have spent all of both at Comic-Con next week! But I don't think Nano will have a problem making some decent coin, as there has to be enough nearby fans to make it worthwhile(as opposed to the ones who are doing Flan and can't come early or come twice). And I assume there will be more guests added, so just sweetening the pot for the locals.
Rouge I was refering to cons that she was booked at as a guest, though her own booking agent, not the comic con which was done by Universal.

I guess by 'Rouge', you mean me? Though I didn't wear any today... :~D

Sorry about that, I am a bit dsylexic and don't always catch my mistakes.

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