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July 13 2006

Warner reveals details for first Justice League Unlimited DVD set. Several episodes features a wide variety of ex-Mutant Enemy shows cast members. Includes 26 episodes from the first 2 Unlimited seasons. On barely related news Warner has also announced details for the release of The OC Season 3 dvd set which featured Morena Baccarin in several episodes and stars Melinda Clarke (Nandi in Firefly).

Concerns both Justice League Unlimited Season 1 and 2 even though the art says only Season 1. JLU Season 1 and 2, are also known as Justice League's Season 3 and 4.

The episodes feature:
Gina Torres as Vixen
Amy Acker as Huntress
Morena Baccarin as Black Canary
Nathan Fillion as Vigilante
Adam Baldwin as Bonk / Jonah Hex / Hal Jordan (uncred.) / Rick Flagg
Armin Shimerman as Dr. Milo
Juliet Landau as Tala / Plastique
Giselle Loren as Stargirl

The Box will probably feature the following episodes:
From JLU S1 (aka S3)
For the Man Who Has Everything
Kid Stuff
Hawk and Dove
This Little Piggy
Fearful Symmetry
The Greatest Story Never Told
The Return
Dark Heart
Wake the Dead (Featuring Gina Torres as Vixen)
The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales (1) (Featuring Adam Baldwin as Jonah Hex)
The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped (2) (Featuring Adam Baldwin as Bonk and Hal Jordan (uncred.))

From JLU S2 (aka S4)
The Cat and the Canary (Featuring Morena Baccarin as Black Canary)
The Ties That Bind
The Doomsday Sanction (Featuring Juliet Landau as Tala and Armin Shimerman as Dr. Milo)
Task Force X (Featuring Juliet Landau as Plastique / Tala and Adam Baldwin as Rick Flagg)
The Balance (Featuring Juliet Landau as Tala)
Double Date (Featuring Morena Baccarin as Black Canary and Amy Acker as Huntress)

Hunter's Moon (Featuring Gina Torres as Vixen and Nathan Fillion as Vigilante)
Question Authority (Featuring Amy Acker as Huntress)
Flashpoint (Featuring Amy Acker as Huntress)

Panic in the Sky
Divided We Fall
Epilogue (Featuring Giselle Loren as Stargirl)

It is to bad they stopped making this cartoon. I really enjoyed this version of the JLA.

Though the Batman/WW thing was a new take and Supes was always a bit too high and mighty. LOL!

Huntress is one of my favorite in the Batman universe. I was tickled pink to see her added AND AA voice her. Some of my favorite eps.
May well get this since I thought it was up there with 'Batman:The Animated Series' in quality (not surprising since Bruce Timm was behind JLU too). Huntress was great, especially her exchanges with The Question though I didn't know it was Amy Acker the first time until the credits (in fact the only 'verse voice I did recognise straight away was Nathan Fillion's as Vigilante).

Seems a bit strange that they'd release 26 episodes in one set though since that only leaves 13 to go in the set for Season 3(/5). Why not either split them up into seasons or combine everything into one mighty JLU boxed set ?

(now if they'll just start releasing the season sets of Samurai Jack in the UK I can siphon even more precious resources into non-essentials ;).
Some Additional info on the combining both first Unlimited seasons, can be found here.
Awesome show, can't wait
Very excited to see this since I missed almost all of these eps on de televisione. One is called For the Man Who has Everything, is that an adaptation of the very excellent Alan Moore/Superman story from the 80's?
There was one Ep that had Supes supposidly die. He got all scuffy and was Lobo was in it too.

Hmmmm... is that wrong to think a cartoon is hot?

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-07-13 21:57 ]
Nah, lotsa cartoon characters're hot. If people in paintings can be hot and were intended to be so, and there're erotic comic books and pin-up art magazines out there (plus many if not most regular comics in which the characters are also attractive), then I think cartoon characters can qualify as well, depending on your tastes.

I just started a DC Comics cartoon marathon a couple weeks ago. Borrowed my friend's Superman: The Animated Series Season 1 since I found myself in the mood for it after Superman Returns (not enough, superheroes in films are never enough--these franchises belong on TV, in series form, preferably animated if they can't have an astronomical budget to make live-action look good). That series is actually pretty good in places, though I've never been big into Superman (never read any of his comics, didn't really like the Christopher Reeve flicks, Smallville was a sorry guilty pleasure for a few years).

Just started watching Batman: TAS (sister owns the first season, after that I guess I'll have to borrow off someone) 'cause I realized I wanted to watch things in order and Batman was what kicked off the current incarnation of the DC animated 'verse. Once I'm finished Batman, then comes Superman, then what? Justice League or Batman Beyond ? Or did they run at the same time? Are there any other DC cartoons that're in-continuity with the rest of those shows? Is Teen Titans ?
The simplified timeline for the TimmDiniVerse releases is pretty much as follows:

Batman The Animated Series
The Batman/Superman Adventures (Superman & the redesigned BtAS, Vol 4 in the DVD collection)
Batman Beyond (release overlapped with the above)
Justice League (seasons 3-5 were Justice League Unlimited)

Batman Beyond should be watched before JL/JLU, as the series is referenced in several episodes.

ETA: Teen Titans isn't actually part of that universe. Robin is a different character than either of the Robins in BtAS.

[ edited by Lady Brick on 2006-07-13 23:09 ]
Not a big fan of the teen titans. I would prefer Dick Grayson/Nightwing/Robin and Donna Troy/Wonder girl. It surprised me that the creators ignored them both, as they were the founding and longest members.Even in today's comic's both still appear.

Not a big fan of Batman beyond either... the whole Batman/Batgirl thing is icky.

You will really enjoy JLU. Supergirl and Green Arrow are a delight. And when they do huge group shots you can pick out your favorites.
Yeah JLU is one of the best cartoons Ive ever seen. Season 2, in particular, is simply amazing and the final two episodes are just great.

FYI, The last episode of season 2 of JLU explains Batman Beyond..its weird I know.
Oh agreed, 'Divided We Fall' was excellent. 'Are you going to fight me, boy ?'. Ha, not bloody half he is ;).

('Epilogue' was great too but in my mind it's not really a JLU episode since it's so much about Batman/Beyond)

didn't really like the Christopher Reeve flicks

Aarrgh. Heresy. Cast him/her out ! ;-)

One is called For the Man Who has Everything, is that an adaptation of the very excellent Alan Moore/Superman story from the 80's?

Yep, it's a (quite faithful) adaptation of the classic Moore story.
" 'Are you going to fight me, boy ?'. Ha, not bloody half he is ;)."

LOL, oh and the music. The music is excellent in that scene, and though a little corny at the end, still great. Love the latin phrase uttered by Batman, and it makes me wonder if he knew something like that would happen (hence the recruitment of The Green Arrow). And I really love that The Flash was the hero...and he knew about everything and still did what did. Great stuff. The Timmverse is truly deep and rich with metaphor, and you gotta love that from a cartoon.

Yeah and Ill agree, Epilogue was great but not really a JLU episode (It almost felt like a Batman TAS episode from when it became The New Batman/Superman Adventures). But I loved it just the same, and I gotta say, Bruce Wayne sitting there as more than likely a 90 year old was truly sad in some way. Made me wish that Buffy would be 25 for the rest of her life...
I grew up watching Batman the Animated Series! I missed all of this on tv though. No cable at school ;(
This is the full list of shows and movies that are officially in continuity with Bruce Timm's DC Animated Universe:

Batman: The Animated Series
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (movie)
Superman: The Animated Series
The New Batman Adventures
Batman and Mr Freeze: Subzero (movie)
Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (movie)
The Zeta Project
Static Shock
Justice League
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (movie)
Justice League Unlimited
Superman: Brainiac Attacks (awful Superman Returns tie-in movie, mostly ignored by fans)

The Zeta Project is often overlooked as it doesn't feature any DC characters apart from a Batman Beyond guest appearance, but it's actually an excellent show and set firmly in the DCAU. The second season is especially fantastic. Zeta also features in 2 Batman Beyond crossover episodes. The show's about a fugitive robot who goes on the run with a teenaged girl circa 2040.

Static Shock is the weakest show of the bunch, but it's still a lot of fun, and it managed to cross over with The New Batman Adventures (at least twice), Superman TAS, Justice League (in a two parter), Batman Beyond, and even a solo Green Lantern episode during its run.

There are also a handful of videogames set in the DCAU with animated cut scenes and voice overs from the show's casts. They include The Adventures of Batman and Robin, Batman Vengeance, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu and Superman: Shadow of Apokolips.

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