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July 14 2006

Doug Jones, Scott Schwartz, and Jeph Loeb bring a bit of Buffy to Chicago. The weekend of August 3-6, 2006. Jeph is the special guest of honor and he will be holding an auction to raise money for Sam's fund while there. Also Kristin Bell has just been add to the line up at the event.

[ edited by zeitgeist to correct spelling of Jeph's name on 2006-07-14 16:12 ]

I'm gonna be there like shareware.
I'm also excited Kevin Smith and Dirk Benedict will be there. ;) It's a pretty decent line-up, so far.
Once again, I curse my no-money-having. :(

Have fun, Chicagoites! :)
Dang. I hadn't been planning on going with a relatively lackluster (IMO) lineup, but Kristen Bell just might tip that for me.
Changed Jeff to Jeph :)

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