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July 14 2006

(SPOILER) TV Guide's Ausiello talks with "Bones" Executive Producer, about the new developments for David Boreanaz' Booth and the new character played by "Serenity's" Tamara Taylor.

Wow, what's with actors being on two shows now? I mean, Peter McNichol is going to be on Numb3rs (with our very own Mr. Universe) and 24.
Peter McNichol has been on Numb3rs since the beginning, he's a main cast member, they also have Navi R (Dana from Angel) on Numb3rs as well, who became main cast this past season.

What I find funny is that Hart Hanson keeps using verse related people on his show and now he is adding another one as a recurring character. Funny in a good support the verse way. Next season seems like it might be as fun as last season playing "Spot the verse guest".

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Hart Hanson is an Angel fan (hence his pursuing DB to begin with)
The more interesting part of the interview - for me - has to do with reading the Bones boards and using the discussions there for plot ideas. It makes watching this show even more rewarding.
The new season starts August 30.
A creator of a show reading messaage boards, hmmmm that sounds oddly familiar. Didn't some other creator do that once upon a time, darn it what was his name .... Josh ... no ... Jeph ... no ... may I can think of the last name ... Weaver ... no ... Wishy ... no ... Washy ... no ... Weeding ... no ... gorramit it'll come to me, I hope or this is going to ruin the rest of my minute.

I got it, it was Nathan Fillion. :)
Actually, according to the latest on the Fox homepage, the next season starts August 2nd.
If you can trust them on anything that is. They've been lying about the reruns weekly and answered angry fans: "we changed our mind". A moronic character from Kids in the Hall comes to mind...
Is it Lex? That guy who worked with Dave Foley's character at the grocery store? Although he always said "Sorry, slipped my mind." Hmmm...can't think of which particular KITH moron you're talking about.

Anyway, good news for us Bonesers.

Sorry that made me laugh! Thanks!
Actually, the official name for the Bones fans - by popular acclain is Squintz. According to the Boneyard, the forum Hart Hanson (and DB) confessed reading.

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