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July 14 2006

Firefly: A Mini Marathon at the Kirkland Performance Center (Seattle, Washington, USA vicinity), July 22, 2006 at 5 PM.

See The Train Job, The Message, Objects in Space, AND Serenity the Movie on the big screen in a beautiful venue with a crowd of fellow Browncoats! Last year's mini marathon was a rousing success and a heck of a lot of fun!

There's a marathon on Sci-Fi today too.
Oh, you Seattle and Vancouver browncoats have all the fun! /pouts
I hope the organizers don't mind, but I went ahead and added a link at Seattle Metblogs.

Wish I could be there for this - last year was fun. :)
Of course I don't mind the extra link. Any publicity is good publicity. Plus I'm glad to see it on Whedonesque. Since I can't post a link to my own site, *SNAPS* to m'cookies for putting it here. Thanks!

We're hoping for an even bigger turnout than last year as we still had 85 seats left last year. There'll be none of the Universal movie swag, but it should still be a great time.
My pleasure, Stephanie! (Got the flyer in the mail just yesterday, so it worked!)
I'd love to come down again - had a great time last year - but only get home from holidays late the night before. Have fun!

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