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July 14 2006

Entertainment Weekly says Willow is the 17th greatest sidekick of all time.

She was robbed. And ou est Xander?
The top few spots are petty good, but Donkey (from Shrek) ahead of Gromit? Surely, that's a travesty if I've ever seen one.
And ou est Xander?

My initial thought exactly! Where is Xander? I always saw Xander as more of a sidekick than Willow. She had powers in her own right. If anything he became a sidekick to BOTH Buffy and Willow.

Also, didn't really see Samwise as Frodo's sidekick. I think that was more of a, um, 'partnership' if you ask me. :)
I'll read the article in a bit but it just occurred to me that Willow, who of course was made realer than real by Ms. Hannigan, wouldn't appreciate going down in film history by being considered a sidekick, would she? After all, in an important episode (which ?) where she starts to implode from all of her self-identity crises, she says to Buffy quite succinctly: "I'm not your sidekick!" I'd rather see a best friend or best buddy list, because she'd be right there at the top, at least on mine.
American Heritage Dictionary defines it as:sidekick

n : a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities [syn: buddy, brother, chum, crony, pal]

so wouldn't Willow also consider Buffy her sidekick?
When I think of a sidekick, I think of someone buffoonish, like Norton was to Ralph Kramden.
Yeah, I find the term "sidekick" to be a little demeaning for a character like Willow. Jonathan and Andrew maybe...but not poor Willow!!
I agree that Xander should have been there rather than Willow. He was the heart of the Scoobies and if it hadn't been for him, Buffy wouldn't have lived past the first season! If they were going to put Willow they should have put Xander too, two for one special. And as my husband pointed out if Harry Potter gets to have both Ron AND Hermionie, why can't Buffy have Willow AND Xander?
Much love for the Xand-man!

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I think its a great honor for both AH and Joss. Basically this says, upon reviewing the entire history of television, they chose a Joss character as one of the best characters of all time. I don't think its demeaning.
I thought sidekick was a cell phone from T-mobile.

Still, I would have placed her higher on the list. She was a geek (good connotation there) and even called Angel or Cordelia in LA a couple of times..
Word, napua (and lol!). :-)
Damn you...I JUST started reading this article and I was thinking Willow would be there.

The surprise is gone. Enter sadness and...unsurprised-ness.

But, hey, kudos to our favorite red-headed Wicca!

(At least, she's MY favorite red-headed Wicca. If you know another who is your favorite, my apologies.)
I'm thrilled to see one of our BtVS characters in such high standings. Yes, it should be an honor towards Joss' vision and Alyson's acting abilities. After all, the girl said it herself.

Willow: "Come on, this is a huge deal for me! Six years as a side man, and now, I get to be the Slayer."
Also in the same issue of EW, they list Serenity's Cinemax premiere in their What to Watch column for July 22. :-D

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