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July 14 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg to voice Tika in the Dragonlance movie. The cast list for the upcoming full-length animated Dragonlance movie has been announced, and features Michelle Trachtenberg as the spunky barmaid, Tika. [Insert your "Dragons of Spring Dawning" joke here.]

Wow, this is/was one of my favorite series' of books.
I hope the movie does it justice!
And go Michelle! Tika is a fun character.
Anyone know if the animation is supposed to be "cartoony" or "real-lifey" in appearance?
Nickyrat, if you listen to the latest episode of Tracy Hickman's DragonHearth podcast (, there's an interview with him and Margaret Weis, where someone asks the same questions. Apparently it's going to be classic animation with some CGI. So it will be more cartoony, rather than more Final Fantasy-ish. As they put it, this is a good thig, since it means the movie will have to rely on telling a good story instead of just having flashy effects.
Hmmmm... I love Michelle...but I don't "hear" her as Tika. I LOVE these books and I feel a little protective over them. I hope she proves me wrong....

Edited to add ...that I think Jewel Staite would be perfect for the role!

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Awesome, didn't know they were making a Dragonlance movie. They were the 1st "grown-up" books I ever read (I was about 8 at the time) and I've reread them many times and still love them.
I'd always 'heard' Tika in my head with more alto-ish, street (barmaid?) smart tones -- hope there won't be any "get out Get Out GET OUT!" moments, eee!
I love these books. Cool that Michelle is in, but the casting of Sutherland as Raistlin is genius. Can't wait!
My dad found a copy of the The Dragons of Krynn on a bus once and gave it to me when I was 12. It's an anthology of short stories dealing with the Dragonlance universe. I liked it a lot and figured I'd end up getting into the entire franchise, but when I tried to really dive into it with the recommended starting point of Dragons of Spring Dawning, I was bored beyond belief. I think I only got halfway through it. Every fantasy cliche in the book was present and the writing style was nothing special, the humor forced. It's probably better that I didn't get any further, the Dragonlance library is vast and I never would've gotten through it all anyway.

Animated adaptation though, I'll watch that.

Isn't there material in the story that would push this to at least a PG-13 rating, possibly higher? I vaguely recall some adult content in Dragons of Krynn. Is this being marketed to kids? It would be refreshing to see an animated flick aimed at adults, they're pretty rare, but it probably wouldn't make enough money to justify making it unsuitable for children.

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Kris, actually the first book in the series itself is Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Dragons of Spring Dawning is the last book in the trilogy. The first trilogy was based more on fitting around a rpg. The second trilogy are the Legends books. They are about Raistlin, Caramon, and Tass. They are a bit darker, have more depth and could be made pg 13. Both series are available bound in one book and are annotated. It kind of explains how the first book came to fruition and why it was designed the way it was. And it has some interesting stories behind characters and their stories. I highly recommmend them!

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