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July 14 2006

SciFi Channel Unveils Some New Fall Shows. The home of BSG and SG-1 unveils some new shows and miniseries it has for its fall lineup. Very small mention of Ben Edlund's new show "Witch Doctor".

This reminds me: when do Morena Baccarin's eps of Stargate begin?
I believe her first episode is 'Counterstrike' - which is episode 7 of the season... airing 25th August
Thanks, aapac!
Can I just ask how SG-1 is starting it's 10th season and Angel only had 5?
Don't get me wrong, SG-1 is halfway decent scifi but 10 seasons vs 5?
August 25? I'll be away where there are no TVs!

I guess I can only hope for reruns.
Thanks, Odysseus, I watched the episode of "Amazing Screw-On Head" and enjoyed it. I've never read the original comic, but the animation was fairly compelling, and the writing good -- the voicing even better. Some of the devices are clever, and I look forward to visiting the "Museum of Dangerous Books & Papers" someday soon -- where Giles no doubt ended up working post-Buffy.

And I especially liked this: "All really intelligent people should be cremated for reasons of public safety."

It's true, you know?

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Yeah, thanks Odysseus, love Bryan Fuller and love Mike Mignola - surely a winning combination :)
Did anyone hear anything about Gina guesting on Stargate:Atlantis? I've been away for a few days and I'm trying to get back up to speed.
I'm not sure about Gina guest starring, but I'd like to see her as a Wraith.
Peter Krause and Ben Edlund? I feel like I've expired and gone to heaven. This is great news and something to look forward to.
I'd like to check out the Peter Krause mini-series, depending on who's involved writing-wise. I hope it's not a huge step down for him after Six Feet Under, but it's often the case that actors who were on great shows aren't able to follow them up with projects that're better or just as good. Sometimes there also just aren't any decent projects to jump to.

We sometimes don't get to see some of Sci-fi's homegrown properties up here, the SPACE channel doesn't import everything.

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