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July 15 2006

IDW Sneak Peek of a new secret project by David Messina. Could this be the Halloween Spike/Angel comic?

Looks good, although Angel's eyes look really far apart.
Also, Spike's scar on his eyebrow is on the wrong side....
Not crazy about this art at all.
His art didn't impress for the first mini-series. Whose the writer for this one btw?
Wonder if this is for the Angel/Spike team up miniseries or is it for the Angel Halloween special?
IDW's site didn't say who the author is. It was just a sneak peek. Maybe they'll announce it at their panel on Friday at the Comic-Con in San Diego this week. If anyone from here goes, maybe they can let us know what's discussed.

I like this picture. I think it captures both characters.

On a semi-related topic: Spike: Asylum -- (i) IDW's site also has a new page posted; and (ii) Brian Lynch's site has a discussion about writing the series that is interesting and amusing, for those interested in that comic book.

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