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July 15 2006

Adventures in Font Matching. Everything you wanted to know about the fonts used in Firefly/Serenity and then some.

Ooooh, fonts! I hope someone more graphically oriented than I am will take the time to make the Firefly script. It'd be nice to see it on con announcements and invitations and the like.
I just love stuff like that - nice one Simon.
He’s pointing right at it!

I’m in love again, and I love, love, love it.

If I wasn’t happily partnered, I would ask RICKMACMERC to take me hard, which is all kinds of unsettling. Locating these fonts took some love-inspired, primo investigative work, which, as a fellow graphic artist-geek, I truly appreciate.

And as a whedonesque member who frequently checks the traffic & referring sites and searches to this site, I have noticed that the hunt for a ''Firefly font'' regularly drives folks here. Bingo. Thank you, Simon, for finding this.

Check out Rick’s MACMERC.COM website, which has referrals to all kinds of places with free fonts & other graphics goodies. And when searching for a particular font, these sites can prove useful: WhatTheFont, Identifont, and Esperfonto. They’re fontalicious!
This is such a geek thing, I have to give him applause for it. Great!
Just yesterday I was looking for these fonts and today they're all available to me in one place! Thanks Simon for finding this!
Yay Fonts!
Sorry I'm not as enthusiastic, come on...gimme some Wondy Goodness already! ;-D

Although....fonts is kool!
A Font geek! I'm with Quotergal, I'm ready to have his children.

Although he's just proven to the entire internet community that he's a total geek with WAY too much time on his hands...

I loved reading all of it.
This is great. One font that's missing from this run down is the one used on this poster, for the bulk of the text (e.g. 'the future is worth fighting for')
Okay, Okay.....I teach Typography.

Does anyone want to know the difference between a font and a typeface?

*crickets chirrup/wind blows*

Nobody gets me.
YAY! Final confirmation of what I suspected about the Firefly font..that there isn't one. It's a logo. I feel better now. I have driven myself half mad searching for the exact match. Whew!

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I almost chimed in at the start of this thread, but after 20 years since Macs brought typography to 'the rest of us', the terms have become interchangeable. So I thought better of it.

But in the old days, a typeface was what we now commonly refer to as a font, while a font referred to a specific size of a typeface.
This guy is my new hero, but I have to try to out-geek him: The writer mentioned that 3 of the BDHs have their names in bold. Actually, if you watch all the credits (I think he just got some screengrabs), all of the actors' names start in bold, then fade to regular font. I still give mad props to this writer for his great font detective work -- I salute you, sir! :-)

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