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July 17 2006

Alyson Hannigan comments on the unlikelihood of her starring in a Buffy movie. She tells a reporter at the TCA's annual summer tour event "I think I'm pretty well gone after that finale. But, you never know". ETA: See also, these photos of Alyson's new hair color (hat tip to Desilu).

Gone? Gone where?

Abroad with Andrew/Kennedy if memory serves.

She came back from Dark Willow; she seemed "nifty" after the Goddess thing.

Strange that there's no coming back from "American Tourist"!

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I thought she was in another realm or something. At least she was when then they needed her for Fred.

I do get the feeling AH has moved on and not very intrested in doing Buffy again. Which is okay. Her career in other places is doing great and you can only be one character for so long before you need to see what else is out there.

By the way, love the dark hair. It sure brings out her eyes.
Hmm, I don't quite get the 'gone' comment. She was in another realm? Yikes, it seems like I need to rewatch S7 (or maybe just the finale).

Also: some HIMYM spoilers in the linked article. Beware.
On Angel, when he called to get Willow's help for Fred, Giles told him she was on another plane of exsistance or something like that. Frankly, I would not be surprised if Giles lied because he did not want to get involved with W&H. He deemed them evil no matter who was it's CEO.

Or maybe Willow has never come back from being gone somewhere out there. Hopefully she lost Kennedy along the way.
Those HIMYM spoilers sound like they are fake.
I would have thought that Alyson means that her character's story arc has played out: that she has been redeemed for killing people in Season 6, and has reached the heights of her powers, so there would be no place to go from here. And it is true that it is difficult to not have any future be anti-climatic, kind of like Spike appearing on Angel after saving the world, but of course Joss found the humor in that.
Most of the Buffy and Angel alumns are enjoying careers that have moved on. Perhaps Alyson is no longer interested in revisiting the past?

At this point I believe the best chance of getting the gang back together for TV adventures in the Buffyverse is to greenlight the BTVS animated project. Voicework provides an easy day on the job (pajama-friendly), can be recorded anywhere and will not interfere with burgeoning non-Whedon career trajectories.

Perhaps we fans should focus our energies on pushing through the animation possibility. DB will be too old to play Angel in about five minutes. Likewise for JM playing Spike ten minutes after that. With a Buffy cartoon, at least we can still hear their familiar voices. This may be the only way to keep the necessary number of Buffyverse alumns involved AND keep a BTVS project viable enough to greenlight.
At least she's not blonde

*runs and hides*
I actually love the new hair, and I think she looks great.
I wonder if her Lily character will keep the new hair or if it just Aly summer thing. It really is so cute.
I'm pretty satisfied to let characters like Buffy, Willow, Angel and Spike live out the rest of their days offscreen because I honestly think we saw so much of them that their stories came to a satisfying conclusion. Of course I'm sure that Joss could do something exciting with them but I was happy with what we had.

Others, such as Illyria and Faith, I'm not content to forget about, because I think we had only scraped the surface.

But it's nice to see Alyson get on with her life and I am enjoying HIMYM. Her hair looks great for a change, for a second it reminded me of Charisma Carpenter or Robia LaMorte. But I do hope we see that famous red hair again.
Simon - the transfer ate my comments! (or did YOU eat my comments?)
I don't like the hair - she has such beautiful skin tones that go so well with red hair and they seem to clash with the darker tones.

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