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July 17 2006

"The Heady Thrill of Obeying the Law" -- more screenwriting tips from writer Jane Espenson. In her blog, Jane explains that learning some of the rules of screenwriting, especially spec scripts, need not take all the fun out of creation, and likens the joy a screenwriter first experiences when they realize that they are controlling the characters' behaviors to "Whee! It's like making your Ken dolls kiss each other!"

Just back from a weekend trip to Las Vegas, she says that the "experience was very similar to being ironed." How we loves us some Jane.

I love Jane. I check her blog almost every day, now. Each time while reading it, I fantasize about trying to become a screenwriter even though I'd never considered it before (I won't.)

But I'm starting to wonder why not just post a link to her blog at the top of this site - OK I exaggerate. But do we need to continually post threads linking to her blog here? Has anyone anything of substance relative to this particular column to discuss? If so, I apologize. Else, maybe some discipline is in order here?
This latest blog-post made me picture Jane as glowy-Willow in B7.22, having finally figured out how to make the magicks work with her and saying, "That was nifty!"
her blog is brilliant!

i understand your point napua. i want to say that it would be great to have her blog linked when something directly jossverse comes up. but if it wasn't for this post, i wouldn't have run into her blog. so i'm a bit torn.

on one hand, it would be great to have links full of jossverse goodness, on the other hand, it's great to have links from jossverse writers and staff that say something interesting to jossverse fans, sometimes not directly 'verse-related.
I vaguelly recall that there was a consensus that we'd link to Jane's blog if it speficially related to Joss/Buffy. Course if she comments on her new job that would be ok too.

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