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July 17 2006

Anthony Head is 'Big in America'. Anthony Head is mentioned in today's edition of The Independent as one of the few Brits doing well in America . Apparently our dear ex-Watcher has "just a hint of the night about him".

That's a beautiful phrase that I'm going to rip off for many, many years.
I'm guessing it's a play on Ann Widdecome's infamous remark about Michael Howard. It is a lovely phrase.
Ah, knew that sounded familiar, good catch Simon (from insult to compliment in 9 short years ;).

Good to see Hugh Laurie on there, he deserves all the praise (and money) he gets since he's such a huge part of the success of 'House'.

(also interesting to see Gervais and 'Extras' mentioned. Has it been a hit in the US ? Over here it wasn't greeted with too much enthusiasm but I think that was partly a slight back-lash against the all-conquering Office)
My 12 year-old son is a big fan of House, having recognized Hugh Laurie from Jeeves and Wooster. So now I've turned him on to BlackAdder as well. For myself, I think I need to give House a chance...

(oops! Sorry 'bout the thread-jacking.)

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Certainly well deserved for Anthony. Outstanding talented actor and one well thought of. Just a few days ago, I ran across a news article on MSNBC entertainment about television's top five surrogate parents and I became very upset when Anthony Head wasn't listed for his role in BtVS. I actually shouted,"How could you overlook Giles?!"
Agree that it's a lovely phrase - so descriptive and evocative. I think it's the perfect description of Giles and his Ripper persona. Giles was so sexy when he let Ripper out to play.
"A hint of the night about him," is a very well-known phrase with no recent origins. But it's a good phrase to describe Anthony Head, because he does have an edge.
Hmm, can't say i've seen or heard it bandied about all that often. It'd be cool to see some citations for past uses if you have any handy Gonnas. I love all that phrase origin stuff.

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