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July 17 2006

Starry Cast Set for August Xanadu Reading- Alan not included... They of course already had the reading that included Alan Tudyk, and as usual they make changes to the script/cast based on how the audience reacted...

...note that they state that Alan played Danny (Gene Kelly from the movie), though he really played Sonny, the male lead. Looks like they are going younger for Sonny and older for Kia this time around... plus both Cheyenne and Jane have more broadway credits to their names, thus making them a larger draw for NY theatregoers. Oh well- readings/workshops are how a show evolves for Broadway, so you can never really count anyone out at this point.

[ edited by zeitgeist to give Alan his last name on 2006-07-17 19:52 ]

At least he's in good company - Cady Huffman (Ula from The Producers - Uma has nothing on her) also didn't get to return.
Ya know, This goofy production needs a male lead who can sell anything...drama, music and *comedy*, baby! That's Alan!

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