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July 17 2006

Easiest Buffy game ever. This makes me feel good about myself.

Does anyone else have a lack of game-playing prowess?

Yup, me, I can't play games at all. Sob.
I'm much happier just sitting and watching things, (especially if they've got Nathan Fillion/Nicholas Brendon/David Boreanaz in them :))

Don't cry Caroline, you're not alone!
That's pretty cute... except of course on Buffy only Dracula can turn into a bat. :)
Fun! I lasted 11 rounds, my hand got tired so I let myself lose. Then I saw my accuracy rate. Stupid wonky space bar!
Is it just me or do the draculas look a bit like a Gallagher brother?
I got to 6000 without dying so I just gave up to stop it going on forever. I killed 120 vamps. My accuracy was only 60% though.
Okay, when blood sprays everywhere, that means I'm dead, right? Gosh, I've always been terrible at these games. sigh....
It gets pretty hard if you keep playing it. I scored 8615. I wonder if there's an end.

I like how she gets to die twice in the game too.

[ edited by Celluloid Novelist on 2006-07-18 02:05 ]
Level 20...9,917 points...313 kills....29% accuracy.
Actually, the vamps kinda look like an ex of mine. Made it more fun. >:D
I didn't really have time to play very much.

Does the scenery ever change?
I dusted 271 vamps out of 400 stakes, for 9209 points.
The scenery didn't change by the 24th level, by which point my wrist felt like it was broken. Only a heavy-duty keyboard and the manual dexterity of Data can keep you going much beyond that point. Damn if I didn't have a big old rush of adrenaline seeing that big never-ending wave of vamps materializing (and I kept going because I didn't want to die!).

[ edited by Tonya J on 2006-07-18 04:33 ]
203 kills using 254 stakes (79% accuracy) for 7925 points. That was fun.
I only played for 5 levels, without coming close to getting bitten, and forgot to look at the statistics. Certainly bookmarking for future fun!
7343, 163 kills, 63% accuracy. Ah well. It's been a nice distraction ;-).
I kept getting distracted by trying to figure out what the numbers in the upper left-hand corner meant.
I lost interest during level 6 and decided to let them "get me" to see what happened. Their "attacks" made me giggle! *swat swat* Takes me back, in its silliness, to the fight between Xander and Harmony, one of the funniest Buffy moments EVER!

Does anyone else have a lack of game-playing prowess?

I have mucho game-playing prowess Space_giles, probably some to spare if you're in need.

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