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July 17 2006

(SPOILER) Spike vs. Dracula #4 Is Out This Week. It is set in 1950's Italy.

This picks up at one of my favorite scenes from Angel -- Spike & Dru in Italy. "Ciao. Ciao. Ciao."

Looks like there are two artists penciling this issue. It is most likely because of the recent death in Joe Corroney's family. My condolences to Mr. Corroney.

I tried to link directly to the images but became completely befuddled and failed miserably. None of my links worked. I think I had the wrong URLs. My apologies.

Oh I think this one looks very promising. I'll look forward to getting this.
All the Spike Vs Dracula's so far have been great and I'm sure this will be no exception.
I'll have to go searching for this. The closest comic shop never seemed to get the Wesley one-shot, so I may need to go into Cambridge to find a copy (and Wesley, if I can find it).
I love PAD, but have not really enjoyed this series. Though this one does look more intresting then the last one.
The Wesley one-shot,I don't think has come out yet.The Illyria and Gunn one-shots have.The Wesley one is the next one-shot followed by the Conner one-shot.

The Immortal plays a part in this issue of Spike Vs.Dracula,I believe.

Spike vs.Dracula #5 comes out two weeks after this issue on August 2.

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The Wesley one-shot came out at the beginning of June. Unfortunately my local shop sold out before I could get a copy so I'll just have to wait and see if they release the one-shots as a trade paperback.
IDW said they were going to release all the one-shots in TPB by the holidays.
The Wesley one-shot came out at the beginning of June. Unfortunately my local shop sold out before I could get a copy so I'll just have to wait and see if they release the one-shots as a trade paperback.
derf | July 17, 23:56 CET

You're right,the Wesley one-shot did come out already.I was thinking of the Doyle one-shot.The Wesley one-shot was released early due to the printing scheduling.

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I have enjoyed all the one shots....except Wesley. It was definately a story that could have been a great Wesley episode on the small screen (ala the zeppo) but in a comic book it just read like an Archie and Jughead book without the "clever" ending.
I wish they could have come up with a more compelling story for Wes. One that we did not already know the ending so much. Maybe even a backstory on him in the COW school or one that lead up to him coming to Sunnydale to be Faith and Buffy's watcher.

Oh well... maybe next time. I doubt this will be the last Wesley one-shot.

I am eagerly awaiting the Conner one.
I just checked Diamond Comics Distributors' updated shipping list for this week and Spike vs. Dracula #4 isn't listed, nor is it listed on the incoming comics for the comic bookstore nearest to me. So, I don't know what this means. Maybe some stores won't get this book until next week?

Derf, Comix Experience in San Francisco had some extra Angel one-shots, including the Gunn and Wesley ones, last time I was in there. If you're looking for those books, maybe you can contact the store and they can ship them to you.
Maybe it was pushed back. Preview dates are always changable. Or maybe ComicCon has something to do with it.

IDW like DH are very notorious for being weeks if not months late on comics.

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Yeah I saw the confirmed shipping lists as well but apparently IDW isn't that reliable when it comes to informing the distributers.
Love Spike vs. Dracula! Great series. Some of this art work is very "The Girl in Question"...looking forward to it! Oh, and I've enjoyed all the one shots. Illyria's was probably my favorite. What an interesting character. It's a shame we weren't able to experience more of her on Angel.
Just re-checked IDW's website and Spike vs. Dracula #4 is no longer listed as one of this week's releases. Rats. Guess we have to wait another week (or so) to see what Spike, Dru, Dracula, and, maybe, the Immortal are up to in Italy.

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