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July 17 2006

Buffyverse Fan Film Fest. New article on Wikipedia has some nice info and links to many new & old projects, including one that has not even been mentioned at Whedonesque yet: the upcoming "Slayers" (requires Flash).

Btw the main Wiki-article also has info.links on other fan fiction like Virtual Seasons (many of which look pretty cool but I have yet to read any).


The fan films in order of their release:

1) Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer (on Wiki)

Released back in 2001.

2) Consanguinity (on Wiki)

10 episodes released. Will there be a Season 2? Who knows. I hope so though. This series almost makes me wanna learn the technique of Machinima and then make a computer-animated Buffyverse series. Apparently all you need is a PC, and a computer game (even something like "Quake I" would do)

3) Cherub (on Wiki)

Up to second episode of Season 2. IMO this is hilarious.

4) Forgotten Memories (on Wiki)

An upcoming continuation of "Buffy" post-"Chosen".

5) Slayers

July 5th update says "hopefully filming soon.

6) Vangelis

Creator Harvey Chin said at Whedonesque back in February "I'm giving it away free via the net after I see whether or not it can have a chance to be seen at a convention". However there has been some unfair comments on his livejournal about the project (e.g. "First, these characters don't look anything like the Angel characters second Vangelis what kind of name is that. I think this tv series film or whatever it's is a disgrace and embaressment to Angel the TV series".).

In an April update to the "Vangelis" journal he said this: "Will Vangelis be released on the internet? Not sure at the moment. Vangelis was meant to be a tribute in the way that "Hardware Wars" was a tribute to the original "Star Wars", but instead, it seems to be drawing a bit of venom from "Angel" fans- which is a bit confusing.. So right now, the plan is to complete "Vangelis" and see what the response is, and send it to those of you who are on the request list."

I'm seriously hoping he changes his mind and releases it onto the internet. The fans who flamed "Vangelis" at livejournal do not represent the vast majority of fans who appreciate the extreme work that goes into making a fan film.


If any producers of any of the Whedonverse fan films are here then share some knowledge.

'Slayers' looks interesting. The Prologue is already available in prose-form. And the Teaser Trailers for the film really are teases!

I too have been following the adventures of "Cherub" and highly reccommend it to the "Angel" fans who haven't yet seen the series yet (and can catch up on all fourteen episodes in one sitting, in addition to all the Making-Of specials).

Haven't seen any of "Consanguinity " though, in fact I was unaware of the existence of 'Machinima'. Certainly sounds interesting, and potentially more affordable than making a live-action film. Has anyone at Whedonesque any experience with the process? I'm going to download this series and see what I think.
I've never heard of Machinima and after looking at the site am still a bit fuzzy about it. Do they take character maps and all that jazz in existing games and manipulate them into doing what they want, when they want?

And I noticed that the game 'The Movies' was advertised alot. I bought it a while ago, and tried to recreate the opening scene of 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' but I failed miserably.
Brisco - basically. The most involved examples use DIY characters and locations as well as recorded sound and existing effects.

And The Movies would seem tailor-made but machinima-heads seem to prefer the complicated option...

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