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July 17 2006

Slither Comes To DVD On October 24th. Universal will be releasing,"Slither" on 10/24/06 in both standered DVD and HD DVD.Edited To Add that the list of extras are now up as well as menu shots.

I'm so going to get this. Gotta support our Captain! (Plus, I was too lazy to see it in the theatre!) ;-)
I would have thought they'd drop it a lot sooner. That seems to be the way studios are going. Isn't it?

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leaveittoreaver , even if I didn't have anything to say, I'd reply to you just because of your totally kick-a** screen name! But, I'm willing to bet that they are releasing it when they are to tie in with Halloween. That could help sales! :-)
Sadly, Slither never came to the theater near me while it was out. The price is kinda high for me to purchase it right off the bat, but I'll definitely rent it once it's out.
Can't wait to get this. A great movie for Halloween.
wow... for once we get a dvd release earlier in Australia... ;)
This movie was an absolute blast! Had some pretty gross moments in it but I'd watch anything just to see Nathan!! He was great and it made me miss Firefly even more!
I'm buyin' it. :) I say this as a person who despises most horror movies (except for some reason anything with Vincent Price): Slither is such a fun movie to watch. Definitely gross like Firefly Flanatic said, but still great.
This film was great, and I am so looking forward to the DVD. If we get the list of extras the director put onto his blog, including the commentary with the director and Nathan, that will make this an excellent DVD package. I'll be pre-ordering it as soon as those extras are confirmed.
I'd buy it, but I doubt they've included the de-Slug-ified version that I'd really like to see... too squeamish for this stuff, sorry Nathan!
Last I heard, Nathan was going to be on the commentary track, which in and of itself makes this a worthwhile buy for me. And I did promise James Gunn that I'd buy two DVDs.

The funny in this movie far outweighs the slimey. But that's me. Perhaps those with less interest in flesh eating slugs could imagine that they are puppies. Soft, warm, happy puppies. If I had the skills, I'd love to put together a version of the trailer with all puppies in place of slugs. Hee!
Count me in! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie through and through - so much so that I didn't realize that Nathan himself was sitting less than one row away in the theatre (this was while he was in town shooting White Noisier, which, by the way, I am also interested to check out)!

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