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July 18 2006

(SPOILER) D.B. Woodside joins the regular cast of 24. David Fury did love writing for him on Buffy. Now he gets to do it on a regular basis. Theres not really any spoilers in the article, although it does name the background of another new character so better safe then sorry.

Yey! Am a big fan of 24 and it's good to know our smooth and good looking principal shall be back for the new series, as the president no less!. Will be looking out for that.
My first thought before following the link was "He'll be elected President" - which is fine for a fictional show and a great actor and character, but then I really got in touch with how in reality I am so terribly sick and tired of dynasties in the White House. We have millions of citizens who are more capable than the guy we have now, or the wife of the guy we had before.
Yeah, dynasties suck. But whatever, it certainly isn't the worst thing 24 has done, and if it brings Wayne more into the foreground, I'm all for it.

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