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July 18 2006

First look at new Buffy comic. Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive cover image from the upcoming season 8 comic.

She's been working out.
Looks great! I can't wait to see what Joss has in store for the Scoobies. I only hope that Dawn has outgrown her whining ways and running away into the night and trouble. Yeesh. When would that girl learn? Hope it has no Kennedy and lots of Vi.
Awesome! Really awesome!
But what about that comic-con new? Are we really going to have the first number this week? The full issue, or just a preview?
Is it just me or does she kind of look like Janel Moloney (Donna from 'The West Wing')?

Okay, that is my first and probably my post on a thread about comics because it's a completely alien world to me. I did once buy a 'Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers' comic!
A very early Georges Jeanty Buffy sketch, in case anyone is into comparing and contrasting.
That's a very artistic image, but if you picture the full extension of the unseen parts of her legs, then compare the full figure to the head size, Buffy is now at least seven feet tall. I hope SMG doesn't see this and feel inadequate.
This is some wonderful art. However, it doesn't particularly look like SMG, which is a bit disappointing to me.
Wow. Big, eye-poppin' wow!
I thought that the covers were going to be done by Jo Chen while Georges Jeanty did the interior art.
I'd echo the wow. I think that looks frakking fantastic.
Looks great.

Really looking forward to this, should be good.
Can we pre-order this yet? If so, then the question becomes "how?"
This looks SWEET!!!

Yes, it does not look exactly like the Buffster but not in a bad way. It actually reminds me of Ashley Wood's art....its not trying to mimic but rather provide their take on the subject matter. I imagine if Michael Gaydos or Richard Corben took a stab at it, we would be saying the same thing, "that doesn't look like SMG."

Angelthevampire, I'm guessing they will have one of those preview binders with uncolored art at the Dark Horse booth.

(If anyone is going to Comic-Con, please let us know what they had!)
That's cool.

Now when do we see inside it?
This week at Comic Con judging by what Popwatch said.
I dunno why I was surprised to see the scythe. Of course she would keep the scythe. Hopefully use it often too. Then again, it might not be worth the risk of losing it/having it destroyed if it was always in battles. In Fray, is it Urkonn (sp?) who gives it to Melaka? I can't remember and I don't feel like digging out my comics just now.

Nice cover. Her shirt matches the color of Sunnydale High's graduation dress and one of its school colors.

Speculation time--I figured we'd either be getting a brand new villain or more of The First Evil (hopefully that thing takes a good long break or is at least better executed next time). Who would qualify for big bad status out of the entire roster of old enemies? (who aren't dead/destroyed and stand a good chance of returning)

Drusilla? Haven't seen the actual, present-day Dru since Angel Season 2/Buffy Season 5. Three years of the Buffyverse went by with no Dru.

Catherine? (Amy Madison's mom from "The Witch") Would be digging far back, but I like when they do that. And no surviving villain is as old as her as far as episode chronology goes. Maybe not one of the cooler villains, but who knows what happened to the trophy when the school blew up. If she was released somehow, I imagine she'd've been pretty pissed about being imprisoned for over two years and could be planning some serious vengeance. She could've amassed a lot more power, gotten some support even. Become a more powerful witch than Willow. Now that Amy's seemingly evil too, well...actually that was one of the more bothersome developments in Season 7, but Joss might as well make use of it and follow up on her going bad. Dunno if the two characters would team up considering Catherine stole her daughter's body, but who knows.

The return of Marcie Ross probably wouldn't fit (then again, a gifted U.S. government employee abroad would kinda fit with the gang's more international flavor now), but I can't be the only one who'd like to see (or at least hear) Clea DuVall on TV again.

Cain the werewolf hunter, no reason for that.

"Go Fish" fishboys? All right, I won't bother running through all the random monsters that escaped and wouldn't have a vendetta against Buffy and/or are too unintelligent/unable to track her down internationally.

It would kill the comic if it was former roomie Kathy. For some of these villains, it might not make sense that they waited so long for revenge anyway (though that's assuming that Buffy doesn't simply run into them or discover them doing some bad things in whatever country the comic is set in. They might not necessarily be after her from the start).

Ethan Rayne? About time he came back. Hopefully if he did, there'd be an explanation or a quick line or two about how he escaped the Initiative.

Dracula? God I hope not.

Olaf! Aw, no, not without Anya (and seriously, never as a big bad).

Did Doc die? Never saw a body!

Who am I forgetting?
Oh, that is frikkin gorgeous. Sure, it doesn't look exactly like SMG but it captures Buffy's 'essence' if I can just climb up my own arse for a second ;).

Personally, I don't think every drawing has to be a photo-realistic likeness of the actors, it just needs to convey the feel of the character. Anything else is a bit limiting to the artist.
I thought that the covers were going to be done by Jo Chen while Georges Jeanty did the interior art.

I think EW messed up as that's Jo Chen's signature in the corner of the artwork and based on what I've seen from Jo Chen, that's definite her style. Plus it seems that Jo Chen is going to be at the Comic-Con, so it would make sense that she would be displaying that piece of artwork.

I love how the title of the comic has been incorporated into Buffy's t-shirt, rather than a logo above her. I'm still wondering if "Season 8" will also be in the title or sub-title of the series.
AWESOME. I love the scythe, best weapon ever
Really been looking forward to this, and now that some of the artwork is appearing, it can't get here fast enough.
Yeah the cover is definitely by Jo Chen. The coloring and style is totally her. I can't wait for this one!
seriously, how would you preorder this?
Oh man, I cannot wait for this. Looks really good.
seriously, how would you preorder this?

It first needs to be scheduled with Diamond (the main comic book distributor) in order to preorder this at a comic book store. I imagine that a lot more information about the comic will come out this weekend at the Comic-Con.
Wow, that is some cover. I'm quite happy not to have photo realism, as long as there is a decent resemblance to the actors. In fact in something linked here recently Georges Jeanty said:
Jeanty said he will be using likenesses for the series, which presents a challenge.

"It's hard, only because if you nail the likenesses and that makes it look like a photograph," Jeanty said. "And a photograph is a still image. With story-telling, you have to create the illusion of movement.

I don't know if anyone here has read the 1st issue of O.C.T. that was out a couple of weeks ago that was co-created by Rosario Dawson? Well it uses photo ref art (including Rosario as the lead character) which I found very jarring. There was no "illusion of movement" and even though I felt the story showed some promise I just couldn't enjoy the book and probably won't be picking up #2
It looks great.
Yeah, that's Chen. Very similar to her Runaways covers. Very unsimilar to Jeanty's stuff.
I believe that EW is mistaken. The artist has said he has not even started on the comic yet. So issue one will not be out at Comic Con. But all the covers are done, so I am thinking that is what they will be previewing. Maybe one with The Scoobies, One with Just Xander or something along those lines.There are normally different artists for the cover and inside work. Well, unless you are somone like Alex Ross.

But Buffy is sexy as hell! Love this art. Would love to see what this artist could do with Faith.

As for the story...Maybe the Mayor or Ethan Rayne? I look forward to seeing the Scoobies and Faith again. I missed my favorite foursome. I even missed Dawn.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-07-18 22:03 ]
if anyone wants wallpaper--

and re: not looking too SMGish--isn't that in the contract, somewhere, that comics Buffy not look exactly like Sarah?
For those looking to preorder, the comments at EW suggest that you can pre-order through the Things From Another World website. Looking for an exact link... doesn't look like its there yet, I'm sure TFAW will have it once Diamond gets the solicitation, however.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2006-07-18 21:44 ]
Normally, SMG would have had to okay her likeness to be used. But since Buffy is owned by FOX , I am not sure that is valid here. Buffy merchandise is okayed everyday, it is up to the individual artists to capture it.
Zeitgeist, I've had very bad luck with TFAW, they were unable to provide the Serenity comic covers (I was collecting all 9 of my BDH's covers) and had a lot of delays in mailing out orders. I think most people would be happier dealing with the local comic book stores.
And Kris, I also really want to see the return of Ethan Raynes, but more than that: I really want to see Amy come back and give Willow a hard time again!
They screwed up the cover credit and referred to Buffy as cancelled. Why did they get the scoop?
oh ok, thanks matt.
First, Buffy as a comic looks better than the TV version.
Second, I hope Dawn's growing pains mean she'll be more Illyria-like before she harnasses her powers for Slaying, and finally becomes really interesting (something they should have done in season seven, but still).
And how come no one was mentioned Glory? I think a minion or two might bring her back, or try to.
With any luck, someone at WBUPN, I mean the CW, will get a few copies of this comic, and decide....."hmmmm, I wonder if we can get her on an episode of Supernatural", then remember that maybe a mini-series of Buffy would be a better idea.
My two cents:

Buffy not looking like SMG: That's possibly due to the fact that in the cover, she's looking down. Looking down will change the way a person looks. Hey, at least she's still blonde.

TFAW being a bad retailer: I ordered my Serenity comics with them and they came on time and in perfect condition. So I guess it's a case by case situation.

Scoobies and Dawn: I miss the Scoobies...i think that not hearing Dawn's voice will help me like her. Maybe.

Big bad: I'm hoping for the Mayor. he was always my favorite villain.

Now, my question: How would you feel about a crossover from Angel? An entirely unrelated storyline to the Angel series.
I'm hoping it isn't any of the previous Big Bads. Ethan Rayne would be my top pick.

PS - Dawn is awesome.
Re: the cover. I think the artist has gone for Buffy as an icon if anything.
The more I look at it, the more I can see some likeness to S7 SMG. It's different, but there's no doubt it's wonderful art and that she looks fantastic. :)
Donna Troy, what do you mean "unless your Alex Ross"? He does a bajillion covers a month for books that he doesn't do the interior to. Unless that's what you meant.
The scythe works a lot better in comics that on TV. I thought in came of as kind of hokey. I'm very much looking forward to this comic. I hope it doesn't let me down like the Angel and Spike comics have...
I'd like to see Ethan Rayne return as well alpha5099. He was always the coolest bad guy on the show.
Well, here I am. I am probably the only person that is thinking that, well, that woman sure looks attractive as hell, but she does not look like Buffy. And I want her to look like Buffy, and I want Willow to look like Willow and so on.

But enough of that. What really matters is the story, and since we have a big bad coming back, I would speculate that it has to be only one of two people (or gods, as the case may be): Glory (my preference) or Mayor Richard Wilkins III. I don't think Ethan Rayne is big enough. Now, either of those two villains opens up all sorts of interesting speculation. Consider:

Glory: Already killed Buffy oncce, sort of. Knows about Dawn and may know how to use The Key again, even if Dawn just thinks she is pretty normal now- though the teaser suggests she will begin manifesting power (shades of Jetwolf!). Further, Knows about Willow, and would surely know about and use Tara's death as bait. She has the power to bring Tara back as well, what with being a God and all.

The Mayor- oh boy, this brings the possibility of Faith playing a major role to the fore. That has all sorts of possibilities for Buffy and her growth.

Me, I prefer option 1 there. I just have to believe in my heart of heart that Willow and Kennedy are not fated, that Glory brings Tara back as a weapon that ultimately fails, and by golly, I end up happy. For once. :-)
Thats freaking fantastic!! I don't care who the big-bad is, I just want this comic!
You know, Adam could always come back. His body wasn't destroyed. Only his power scource was ripped out of him. You could still have someone put another power scource inside his body. It's just always something I've thought about.
Adam did come back in the old Darkhorse Buffy comics, he teamed up with the Scourge. Buffy, Angel, Faith and Pike(!) fought against them. I think it was around issues 48-50 and was set post season 6, pre-season 7.
I sure hope Whedon doesn't bring anyone back from the dead. I really hate that, and was only able to eventually accept it in Buffy's case because of how well they handled her return (imo). But, in general, resurrecting people (especially commonly) just cheapens death, which makes what the characters fight for less meaningful.
The comic can't crossover with anything in the Angelverse until it is okayed by both IDW and DH. Both own the individual rights to their respective verse. Maybe after this season 8 is done.. but that might not be for a year or so.

I think Joss wants this to focus on Buffy and the Scoobies. The Angelverse has it's own stories to do right now. I know I am more intresting in seeing Buffy and her family and maybe touch on all the scenes and things that we did not have time for in season 7. More Xander please. And More Faith/Buffy bonding.

Since Ethan is not dead, him coming back would have big implications with both her and Giles. Maybe even bring Riley back.

Did not Alex Ross do the interior of all the Kingdom Come series and the recent one, Justice? He also did one-shots for WW, Superman and Batman.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-07-19 01:20 ]
There's our girl again. Nice to see her. Love the hair.

The idea of Amy's mom coming back, Kris, is interesting. Perhaps the explosion released her? Cool ideas. Can't wait!!
Wow! Much better than I had expected. Even though she doesn't really wears SMG's cute face.
Mikejer, I find it ironic that you hope Joss does not bring back anyone from the dead when he has been praised over and over for his fantastic resurrection of the long dead Colossus.

I guess personally I dont care for the presto-change-o return from the beyond either. But if it has to happen, I want Joss at the helm.
The big bad will be Prianka Chopra :P
Oh, I love the cover, it's GORGEOUS. I hope the interior art is half as good. Also, about likenesses, didn't SMG specifically say, at least for the animated series, that she did not want her likeness used? I'm not quite sure about that.
Doesn't look like Sarah but YAY for the Scythe.
I think it resembles SMG and I love it. Nothing will ever look as good as the real thing but this comes very very close. I am so excited about this I can barely stand it. Thank You Joss for bringing Buffy back to us.
Villians...I'd love to see The Master return, maybe even Dru, although Dru without Spike is like a fish without water.
Can't wait til the no cross-over rule is lifted. Angel should show his pretty face.
Oh my goodness that cover's beautiful - and thanks to annagranfors for the wallpaper linkage. :) I can't wait for these comics to come out. If they're anywhere near as good as the perfectness that is Fray, I will just be in heaven.
Even though she doesn't really wears SMG's cute face.

I snagged that wallpaper, thanks annagranfors. I took a closer look at the face and beyond being beautifully reminiscent of Sarah, I believe the artist rendered her nose perfectly, which probably helps a great deal with the recognizability factor. I always thought Sarah had a unique-looking nose, and that's it, to a tee.
I think it looks very SMGish. It's her expression perfectly.
So, HOW, does one go about pre-ordering it? On-line? Local comic store?
Did someone mention Riley? Please, NO! Riley was a self-pitying bore. This in one of the few things that I agree with TWoP. No Riley. No Kennedy. Please. Dawn is okay, as long as we don't have to listen to her bat sonar high pitched screeching and see her running away and into trouble over and over and over again.

To me, the likeness on the cover looks like SMG, representationly. It's the artist's interpretation. Love it. It has life and will translate well in a story. Only photos will look exactly like an actor and they have no life. Comics are a different medium than television. I think the artists chosen are doing a fabulous job. Can't wait to read the books.
I cant believe nobody has mentioned this, but does anyone think that mentioning Dawn and the big bad together means that the big bad will be Glory? Giles killed Ben, not Glory after all...

And I have to say, is it possible to be attracted to a drawing? No? OK, Ill be quiet and hide in the corner now...
Jerry, read up- I did. And I wants it bad. I think Glory has the best potential for a cataclysmic story- not the Mayor, not The Master, and not the First, since Buffy just put him to sleep again. And not Adam, no need to go all technological on the scoobies asses. No Angel. Probably no Spike and anyway time frame might be wrong. I think the Eternal won't amount to anything and we will get to the real deal shortly. And no Ethan Rayne- he has always been Giles' story and this book will be more about Buffy. And I like Ethan, but I think he is wrong for the new tale. SO, all things considered, I think it has to be Glory- and for that, that'd be so cool I'd drool. :-)
Riley was a self-pitying bore.

Careful - Simon will take your bucket :P (Simon is the a Riley fan)
Only photos will look exactly like an actor

What about the poster for OMWF ?

Also, about likenesses, didn't SMG specifically say, at least for the animated series that she did not want her likeness used?

Yes she didn't want her likenesses used for the animated series but the comics operate under different rules though I wonder if there is a time limit for them
Buffy Season 8 will be my first ever foray into paper-and-ink Joss (and the first time in more than 20 years that I've bothered to look at a comic book). Should be fun.

The cover artist (Chen) seems to have pulled off a very difficult trick: evoking SMG without rendering an exact likeness. It's unmistakably Buffy, yet unique and separate from the televised incarnation.

Only one extremely minor quibble: The head seems a mite too small for the rest of her body.
I like it. I know it doesn't look exactly like Sarah, but the image exudes confidence and power. It makes me feel happy just to see it.

Why oh why do people hate Dawn? I love that character! I hope she's in the comic. A lot. And Xander too.
Buffy shouldn't look like SMG unless SMG is portraying the character. Insisting Buffy can only look like SMG is as absurd as insisting Sherlock Holmes must look like Basil Rathbone. I've seen recent posts elsewhere on the Web where fans say something to the effect of "if I ever see anyone other than Gellar play Buffy I'm going to kill myself!" Dare we wonder why we scare the straights?

The sooner the fan base lets go of the 90s TV cast, the sooner we can get a new live production started. At this rate it won't be for another generation. If people stopped insisting on SMG, that could change to five or ten years down the road.

Let Gellar go!
...And Riley ROCKED!


and so does Dawnie! =P

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"Hope it has no Kennedy and lots of Vi."


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