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July 18 2006

Alexis Denisof to star in the Arthur Miller play "All My Sons". He'll be appearing at the Liverpool Playhouse in September. So that's very good news for British fans.

We got a press release about this a couple of days ago but I was hanging on till his name went up on the cast and company part of the play's webpages.

And here's the relevant bit of the press release.

American actor Alexis Denisof has been cast to appear as Chris Keller in the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse theatres’ production of All My Sons, the Arthur Miller classic, at the Playhouse this coming September.

Denisof is best known with audiences worldwide as ‘Wesley Wyndam-Price’ from cult tv programme Buffy The Vampire Slayer and spin-off series Angel. Now based in LA, the American-born actor moved to London as a teenager and studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, remaining in England for over a decade to appear at Chichester, The Gate, Theatre Royal and for the RSC. His UK television credits include Soldier Soldier, Randall and Hopkirk and Sharpe. He is married to Buffy co-star Alyson Hannigan, who played the character of ‘Willow’ in the series and most recently appeared with her in an episode of new American sitcom How I Met Your Mother – currently on BBC Two.

All My Sons was the first great success of Arthur Miller’s career and is a powerful and moving exploration of the paradoxes and illusions upon which the American dream is built. Joe Keller is a middle-aged man who loves his family above all else, and has sacrificed everything, including his honour, in his struggle to make the family prosperous. Set in the years straight after World War II, this story sees the Keller family tragically break down leading to the uncovering of a shameful family secret. Artistic Director Gemma Bodinetz directs Miller’s compelling story of love, guilt and the corrupting power of greed as the first major production of the new season.

And here's the Alexis bio they sent us as well.

Alexis’ theatre credits include: Rope, Cain, Pointe Valaine, Adam Was A Gardener and Simples Of The Moon (Festival Theatre, Chichester); A Tale Of Two Cities (Greenwich Theatre); Hamlet (Crucible Theatre, Sheffield) Cyrano De Bergerac (Theatre Royal, Haymarket); Tovarich (Picadilly Theatre); Maria Magdalena (The Gate) and Hamlet (Royal Shakespeare Company).

Television credits include: Wesley Wyndam-Price in Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Randall and Hopkirk, Sharpe V, Orchard Walls, Faith, Rome And Juliet, Never The Sinner, Soldier Soldier, Highlander, Hostile Waters and How I Met Your Mother.

Film credits include: Noah’s Ark, Rogue Trader, Dakota Road, Snow And Fire, Judith, Murder Story, Innocent Lies, First Knight, True Blue, Misadventures Of Margaret.

"American sitcom How I Met Your Mother – currently on BBC Two"

Speaking of which, does anyone know whats happened to that? It seems to have disapeared off the scheduals.

Update: I've found it! It continues next week, I have no idea why it was missing for a couple of weeks.

I would absolutly love to see Alexis on the stage, unfortunatly I live no where near Liverpool and don't know anyone who'd come with me. Bring it to London(actually I'll be in Bath from September) I say!

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That is great news. I'd love to see Alexis on stage.
Cheers for the very talented Alexis Denisof!

As for HIMYM, look here:
The show's cast is also featured in the CBS online video feature of the Fall 2006 season, so I'm guessing it's definitely coming back.


Where I live?

Oh, I'm so there.

How I Met Your Mother has finished it's first season, and returns in the fall for season 2. (In US land).

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Hooray, Alexis! And that's a great play. So good to see him working, and with quality material.
Wow, here's a weird coincidence...or is it? Neil Patrick Harris, also of "How I Met Your Mother," just played Chris in a production of "All My Sons" here in Los Angeles. I wonder if Neil'll pass along any advice? ;)

Speaking of theatre news...A website for discount tickets to events in Southern California/Las Vegas, www goldstarevents dot com (reg required), is offering tickets for Nick Brendan's "Lobster Alice" at half price. (Note: Goldstar adds a small service fee [usually under $5, and much less if the play tickets themselves are pretty cheap], but I'd still recommend them...I've used their site often, it's a great way to save on tix to plays, concerts and even spa visits!)
I think Jona was referring to HIMYM on UK TV. BBC went a bit mental and took it off air for a couple of weeks.

There's a lot of capitals in that sentence.

But YAY - Alexis. I wonder if Aly will come over to support him.

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In my opinion, "All My Sons" is one of the greatest plays of all time. I think that Joss said something about his unwillingness to write TV family dramas and how the only place he had seen that type of thing done right was in Miller's play (I'll find the link sometime). Congrats to Alexis for being featured.
This is unfair. I live in Lynchburg, VA and the only ones we ever get here are Christian Rock groups......sob, sob..

Speaking of Alexis. Swedish production company Yellowbird are planning a co-production with the BBC or Channel 4 (some kind of bidding war) in taking Henning Mankel's Inspector Wallander to British TV. Alexis would be perfect for the role as ex-sniper Stefan Lindman.
Jonas, I love Mankel's Inspector Wallander books. Interesting casting idea, and I also think it would work. Maybe if BBC wins the bidding war, BBC America will import it for us here in the US.
MacGuffin, I am glad you think my idea sounds good. I also think Anthony Stewart Head could be a PERFECT Inspector Wallander. (OK, both of them might be a wee bit too much Buffy-verse actors but...).
If you like Mankel and his crime novels a 2-pars series based on his non-Walander crime thriller "Return of the Dance instructor" is to start shooting in southern Sweden with an all native English speaking cast, director (and writer). BBC Scotland is co-producing with Yellowbird.
Here's my chance to complain that no one EVER comes to Denver to do a play like this. Or to attend our non-existant conventions either.
*jealously eyes all you coastal dwellers and international jetsetters - yes that means YOU! Liverpoolians*

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