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July 18 2006

Sideshow 12" Lorne & Giles & a PF Spike too! Sideshow reveals Lorne at SDCC! And preview pictures on a 12" Giles and Premium Format Spike available now on Sideshow's website!

I linked to this board instead of the Sideshow site because someone posted the full figure. You can check out a QV 360 view of Lorne on Sideshow's site. The links for that are provided in the thread I linked to.

He looks great! Wish he was smiling though but as long as it's a great sculpt I'm happy!

Edited to add: Thanks to Craig for the scoop that Giles and a PF Spike are going to be announced too! Link from that is in the first post!

They also have Premium Format Spike (even bigger) and a prototype 12" Giles there too. They let BTVSFigs member Karen break the news here, but no photos yet...
Yay!!! Thanks Craig! I was just over on that forum too! Must have just missed it! I can't wait to see them!! I'm happy about Lorne but Giles is the one I wanted the most!
D'oh, here at work they won't let me install Quicktime, so I can't see the 360 view. Can't wait for the pictures though (Lorne!).
Azael, if you scroll down the thread I linked to there is a picture of the full figure. I can't wait to see the PF Spike and Giles (especially Giles - that one I will be buying for sure!).
Oh lord a premium format Spike! These things are normally terribly expensive, so unless I sell a kidney I doubt if I can afford to get one. *sigh*

I do hope that they get the likenss right aswell as his clothing, for this will be a chance for serious collectors and Spike fans to get the 'ultimate' rendition of him.
Thanks Craig! The 360 view is great. Can't wait to get my hands on Lorne. I wish Sideshow would make some kind of automatic signup for the Angel product line, cause I'm going to give each figure a home right here! The news on Giles and the premium format Spike (although a bit too pricey for me) completed my Happy, Shiny Day ! The ultimate would be a Life Sized Spike!
Now we're talkin'.

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Just when I had decided that I had enough Spike memorabilia....they go and hook me in again. Fiends!
Actually,I'm wondering,I do have a great looking 12-Spike...what would make these better/worth so much more?
Heh, work blocks imageshack as well! Oh well though, the fact that Lorne is coming out at all is a dream come true :)
Here's a preview of the PF Spike with interchangeable heads:

Sideshow PF Spike

And a head and shoulders shot of Giles:

Sideshow Giles

They both look awesome! I bet the PF Spike will be pretty expensive with the two heads! Oh how I wish I had the money to start collecting the PF figures! Giles looks fantastic! I'm glad he comes with the glasses that he can hold. I wonder if he'll be able to wear them too!

Sorry Azael, they still only have the preview shot of Lorne that doesn't show much on their site.
Oh please Lord...I need to have this Spike statue. Maybe I can save all my pennies and not eat for 3 months...would that help???? Is it available for preorder yet though???
I want the 18 inch Buffy and Spike and I don't even collect dolls. They look like the real thing.
Lorne is available for pre-order now, Giles on Saturday and Spike on Sunday!

I really wish I could afford both the PF Spike and Buffy but I can't so I'll just have to admire the pictures! But Damn! That Spike statue looks beautiful!!

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