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July 19 2006

Joss will be at Comic-Con. He and John Cassaday will be signing at the Marvel booth on July 22nd at 4pm.

So shiny! Have fun, all you lucky Comic-Con attenders! (Once again, I curse you, lack of money!) ;-)
A-ha! I suspected as much. Hope he'll come dressed as "Young Nasty Man, arch nemesis of Wonder Boy." Or Wonder Woman, complete with metal breastplates. Don't care which, but either would be sweet. Well, at the very least I'm hoping he'll have his stunning-yet-durable pink mesh backpack...
Somebody, pleeeeeease ask him about Goners. Reporters never ask him about Goners. . .
He still owes me Wonder Boy! I take everything Joss says seriously. He's in a lot of trouble, in fact.

Reporters are too busy asking about why he writes strong female characters (because that's SUCH a good question) to care about Goners. However I can exclusively reveal it (probably) features a strong female character, so should it get made then Joss will get 2 months of doing press junkets answering... well, I'm depressing myself typing this, so I should probably stop.
Goners? Ha. I'd be too busy asking him and John to sign my Astonishing X-Men hardcover. That's assuming I didn't live 5164 miles away.

Oh I'd so love to go.
Somebody make a fake Astonishing Goners comic and take it to get signed. Dare ya.
LOL, gossi. It wouldn't be to hard to photoshop a comic cover like that. Someone, do it!
Just a nitpick, the site seems to say 4 pm while the text here says 3 pm, have they changed it ?

Not that it matters to me, being even further away from San Diego than Simon.
Yes they did change it so I've changed the text accordingly, thanks for the heads up.
I can't believe Joss is going to miss the Veronica Mars panel at 4:30! And worse than that, make us choose between the panel and him after he got us all hooked on the show! Sheesh!
Haha, Salty. I wish I was faced with your dilemma. You're still in the lucky crowd for getting to go to Comic-Con in the first place.
So, Joss and Seth Green are both gonna be there. Curse them! They should have chosen Dragon*Con and hung with Nicky. And me. For real.
Don't forget David Boreanaz will also be there on Friday.
Argh, I'll go the the VM panel, since I like panels more than signings and I'm not a collector. But why do they have to schedule the things I'm most interested in in conflict? I'm also going to be running from the BSG panel to the Southland Tales preview on Friday. Yes, I know I'm lucky to be going at all.
So, I was going to go to the VM Panel, I REALLY was.

But Joss is going to be at a table signing.

I think the choice is obvious.
IŽll join the ones moaning about that they canŽt make it cause its so far away. Why doesnŽt anyone invent beaming, pretty please?
Be careful.

You will have to be inline for awhile before even 4:00. And get there early becasue the x-men fans are sure to bombard this to get it signed. They always cut the signature lines off so it can move fast.

When Eliza was there, I had to choose between going to hear her speak or wanting to wait in line for an hour to get her to sign something.
Kessie, I'm still waiting for someone to invent a transporter machine. I've wanted one ever since Star Trek. Beam me up to Comic-Con, Scottie!

If I were to go, I'd choose VM because I can't stand lining up in long queues. I'd have more fun at the panel, and I'd probably just hope to run into Joss earlier in the day while he's browsing. Then I'd just go up to him and compliment him on his Joss costume. ;)
"Somebody, pleeeeeease ask him about Goners. Reporters never ask him about Goners. . "

---Oh dont you worry, Cab. The reporters won't, but a goner will.

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I just wonder if anyone will tell Joss about the premiere of the complete Done the Impossible DVD at Comic-Con Saturday. He might be interested in how it turned out.
impalergeneral - Joss spends 94% of his waking minutes on Whedonesque.

Okay, so I totally just made that up (it's 97%), but still, I think there's a reasonable chance he's seen Done The Impossible mentioned here. That said, he's a dad now, so he may want to do the super daddy thing. And yes, I know I couldn't sound more stereotypically gay right now if I tried.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-07-20 00:19 ]
Not that there's anything wrong with that, gossi! ;-)
Hah, you call that stereotypically gay, are you listening to "You're so Vain" ? Are you thinking of Orlando Bloom as you type those words ? Well then. What sort of stereotype is that ?

Also, IMDB says it's actually 96.635% of his time. And by Super-Daddy do you mean Big-Daddy ? Cos i'll see that and raise you a Giant Haystacks ;).
Oh. God.

I booked comic-con passes to meet Rob Thomas and the cast of V-Mars....and now I find out Joss is gonna be there. I'm so excited about this that it is nerve racking in a way. I wrote my essay to get into NYU Dramatic Writing about Joss. He's the reason I do what I do....what do I say? When I met Bruce Campbell I got all babble-mouthed. But Joss is way nicer of a dude than the abrasive yet endearing Bruce.


Is it lame that I am asking for suggestions?

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Be yourself. Unless you're a gibbering wreck in which case be a cooler version of yourself, the version that writes and does a bit of international spying on the side ;).

(I kid, tell him the truth and be yourself - paging Captain Obvious, Captian Obvious to he front desk please ;). Joss's so apparently cool that he'll deal with it and probably just throw an off-hand comment your way that'll totally inspire you for the rest of your life. It's kind of his thing ;)

(I totally admire Bruce Campbell, read his books, seen his films, but he's an old pro. Guy defines 'around the block' so he's bound to be a bit more abrasive. Plus, he gets way weirder fans than Joss)
This article states that Buffy the Vampire Slayer No. 1 is scheduled for February release. I'm guessing that Dark Horse probably will issue an offical announcement this week.

I wasn't quite sure where to post this. Since I'm not sure how reliable this source is, I didn't want to create a new thread with this article.
Well Dark Horse should hopefully be making an official announcement at Comic Con this weekend. So we'll find out in a couple of days I reckon.
Joss AND Cassaday???


::glares at lack of money in checking account::

::cries some more::
I was in the Dark Horse panel audience today at 3-4 p.m. that covered DH being the only comic publisher that's strong in the horror genre. They showed the Buffy cover and confirmed that indeed it was Jo Chen who was the artist and that she'll be doing at least the first 4 covers. The reason I'm bringing this up is that the first issue release was supposed to be announced at Comic-Con and they didn't say a word. No one asked which was even more surprising.

And just some self-aggrandizement for a moment. I've never been to a convention before, ever, but based on who was there I decided to just go for today. I thought I would have no chance to see Joss but on my 2nd trip to the booth area on the main floor he walked right by me going the opposite direction about 5 feet away. I only know this because someone waiting in line for his signing yelled, "We love you Joss," and I whipped my head around. He is cute as a ... well, there is no word good enough. Joss spoke. I guess he can't resist and of course, is a very decent sort: "I love you, and you ... and you." He was wearing a pinkish t-shirt but no sight of a pink-mesh backpack. That made my sore feet and calves worth the whole shebang.

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