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July 19 2006

"Sweet" to direct Evil Dead Musical. Hinton Battle will be orchestrating the splatter adaptation in New York from October.

Just one question...can Bruce Campbell sing?
You're presuming Bruce will be in it :o)
I'm sure someone else will play Ash once the musical gets under way, but it's something to think about.
I heard about the musical this weekend and almost bounced off that walls, but now Hinton's directing???

WHY did I not know about this audition!!! And I cannot WAIT to see this sucker.
I saw the Evil Dead musical in Toronto 2 years ago and it was absolutely great and incredibly funny. It started out as a very small little show that's been growing over the years (it started in 2003? 2002?) and getting bigger and bigger. It's cool to see that it's now getting a bigger audience in New York. I wonder if that means more fake blood sprayed into the audience? :)

They have had a number of people play Ash in the musical and is has never Bruce Campbell. Maybe if it becomes a big broadway hit, they might get him to play Ash for a while. However, he might be a bit too old as similar to the movie the musical is a very phsycially demanding role for a number of the cast members including Ash.

Here's a link to the official website if anyone is interested. It used to have MP3 clips of the songs on the website, but not anymore. Hopefully with the bigger move, they will finally release a soundtrack so that I can listen again to such great songs such as "What the f___ was that?" and "You will never make a Candarian demon out of me". :)
Well Nick Brendon has had his name associated with Evil Dead's Ash in the past.
"Well Nick Brendon has had his name associated with Evil Dead's Ash in the past."

Really? Theres been no official casting news for the remake yet, I think Nick would be the one person I'd like to see in it.
Nicky would make a perfect Ash. I'd love to see that.
I personally think Fillion should get first dibs. C'mon...Nathan belting out "Who want's a little?" Forget about it. Plus let's not forget the trademark jaw.

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Wow, you guys. Way to get my hopes up with Nathan and Nicky! But seriously, I've been wanting to see this in Toronto when it comes back... so, has NY stolen it? Toronto is closer to me.
But seriously, I've been wanting to see this in Toronto when it comes back... so, has NY stolen it? Toronto is closer to me.

Well, Montreal stole it first when it moved there for the Just For Laughs festival. I never understood why they didn't play more Toronto shows, when the majority of shows there sold out quite quickly.
"Sweet" to direct Evil Dead musical.

Um...shouldn't that be "The Scarecrow to direct..."?
(Hinton Battle was the original Scarecrow in the Broadway musical The Wiz.)
: )
Nathan Fillion as Ash? Well, that's a thought. If I do get a chance to see Bruce at Comic-Con this weekend (Joss will be at the Marvel booth while Bruce will be plugging his Brisco County DVD), I may ask him about the musical.
Well, has listed the cast, and none of our men are mentioned:
"The cast— charged with songs like "All the Men in my Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons," "Look Who's Evil Now" and "Do the Necronomicon"— includes Jennifer Byrne, Jenna Coker, Renee Klapmeyer, Amy Shute, Tom Walker, Brandon Wardell, Ryan Williams and Darryl Winslow." There's always hope though- cast lists can always change! Also- it says that Hinton is choreographing it:
"Christopher Bond directs the work which features a book and lyrics by George Reinblatt, music by Frank Cipolla, Bond, Melissa Morris and Reinblatt with music supervision by Cipolla. Tony Award winner Hinton Battle ("Dreamgirls," "Idlewild") choreographs."

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Bruce Campbell is so Da Man! I could totally see Nathan playing Ash, though. A few months ago, ZachsMind (hey, where is he lately?) wrote and posted a scene in the Firefly 'verse (about halfway down the thread), where Bruuuuuuce would play a ranch hand who comes to visit Mal with tales of Mal's growing up on Shadow. It so rocked! Yep, Bruce and Nathan -- two of a kind, IMO. ;-)

BTW, while I was looking for the scene by ZachsMind, I found the thread from 2004 about Nick as a possibility for a remake of ED.

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