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July 19 2006

"Because all Joss is good Joss". Big plug for Joss' Fray series on Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy blog. Post your replies of support!

Fray is a wonderful read. If the tpb ever gets reissued, I hope it include the short Fray story from the Tales of the Slayers comic book.
Fray is indeed fantastic. All the signature Joss Whedon wit and twisty plots are right there, in beautiful comic form. I heartily recommend it to any lover of Whedon's television work.
Fray is my favorite Joss-penned comic. I just loaned it to my friend and she loved it. She's a hard core Buffy fan so it surprised me that she hadn't discovered it. I recommend Fray to anyone reading this, even if you don't normally like comics. Once you start reading, you forget this girl is a drawing in a book.

And I love Melaka Fray so much that I'm dying to find out if Joss has more plans for her (such as a movie starring Kristen Bell). Please, somebody, if you see Joss at Comic-Con, ask him about this. Please? For me? I'll give you a cookie.
I loved Fray. My first Comic Con was the year it first came out. You could see when he signed and talked about her then, she was his end game for all this verse. Now how to get there................
Yay for Fray :) This is really a great read - it has Joss' trademarks all through it. The artwork is especially beautiful and the plotline is very twisty IMO. A very solid piece of work, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Fray also has the first use of 'rutting' as slang - later to appear in Firefly of course :)
I just spent the entire night reading Fray for the first time and WOW! This was so great! This eight issue series together would make for one pretty kickass movie! Come on Joss. Make a Fray movie. You know you want to.
Joining in on the Fray love. If you love the Buffy verse, and haven't read this graphic novel, run to your nearest comic book store and pick it up. You won't be disappointed. To all of you non-comic book readers this is a great introduction. I just started reading comic books this year (mainly so I could continue with the Buffy verse) and I loved Fray. Grab the book, a glass of something cool to drink, and head to the beach or park and have a fun summer read. You'll have fun and become so immersed in the story, when you finish, you'll look up and be surprised that you're not in Fray's world hundred of years in the future.
"I just spent the entire night reading Fray for the first time and WOW! This was so great! This eight issue series together would make for one pretty kickass movie! Come on Joss. Make a Fray movie. You know you want to."

I keep hearing people say what a great movie Fray would make. But Fray felt like a great movie to me, already. I don't need to see it moving. I didn't like the first Spider-Man movie because it was just things I've already seen updated and rearranged. Hopefully Joss does another Fray series. Or does something else. I don't need re-runs.
I wouldn't mind a Fray movie. I think as great as comics are at displaying motion and action, it doesn't compare to a movie, for most people. And this is at the crux of comics and movies joining nowadays. There are fans who can shape a panel of animation in their minds and create a movie. Most people can't and haven't been raised to do so.
What does Gwen Stefani have to do with Fray?
Hmm, yes and no Browncoat, i'm kind of with betwixt here. Movies portray a sort of dynamic world-view but as Alan Moore says people can't flip back to a film frame. Comics (when done properly) are almost the perfect combination of fine art and story-telling narrative, letting the reader flip back and forth until every last vestage of meaning has been wrung from each image.

(my personal favourite example is 'Watchmen' which I just don't see getting better on film. As others have said, here and elsewhere, some media are just better suited to some stories)

In many ways 'Superman Returns' was a quite faithful comic on film since the images, though in motion, were so obvious that Singer sort of gave the viewer a 'free pass' backwards into the film, allowing them the time to see Atlas or Jesus as they saw fit.

'Fray' to a lesser extent (and I don't mean it's a lesser work cos I think it's brilliant) does the same thing.
My wife got me Fray and Tales of the Slayers for Christmas last year, it was a kind of a stab in the dark.

And a fabulously successful one. I recently re-read Fray and was amazed at its brilliance...I'd stopped reading comics over 30 years ago, and loved whole new graphic thing, once I got used to it. As some have noted, it has all the quirky, clever, funny aspects of Joss's other stuff, along with being heart-rending, gut-wrenching, and a totally satisfying story, to boot.

And, yeah, loved the Fray component of Tales of the Slayers...a beautiful coda to the whole thing.

As for a movie, I'd love a Fray flick, simply because I think it would have the, in my mind, likelihood of being a big hit in and of itself.
I liked Fray, but I didn't love it. I've talked to some other people, and apparently, I'm one of very few who feels this way. :)

It's my dirty shame.

I must echo my love for Fables and Strangers in Paradise. Those 2 are so heart-achingly good, especially the last couple issues of SIP. Reminded me a bit of "The Body".
I love Fray. I didn't buy it until recently - after BtVS and Ats were already off the air - so reading it was like going home again. I don't know another way to put it. It's simply wonderful.
Nick, I just think you need to read it again. Fray is like any Joss show, it's better the second or third time through.
Fray is indeed really wonderful. Much better than AXmen in my opinion...
I've read it more than 4 times, ESG. :)

I did like it, and thought it was good. Just not as good as everyone else seems to feel.

Maybe it's because I'm used to reading comics? I dunno.
I found Fray by accident. Same way that I found out about the Buffy comics. I was just in the local comic shop one day and Buffy #1 was sitting there on the shelf. I grew out of the Buffy comics. They were okay, they just didn't feel the same as watching the show.

That's probably why I didn't know much about Fray. I didn't know that it was written entirely by Joss and was lucky, in that, Fray had long delays and I didn't know about it until it was collected. And like obsessed said, it was like going home. Even if just for a while.

I guess some people just do not like to read comics. I can understand that. I love comics. I love the marriage of words and pictures. But I don't love novels. There are only a few novel writers that can keep my attention. So, I understand. But I do think Joss has better things to do with his time than translate stuff he's already done into other mediums. I don't have a problem with Fray being made into a movie, live-action or animated. But I would rather he have minimal involvement in it. And so, animation would be a better option.

As excited as I am for Wonder Woman, I'm more excited about Goners. Wonder Woman will be big and shiny and fun, but Goners can be anything.

Okay. I'm done rambling now.
I think there's a difference in looking at Fray from a standalone viewpoint, as its own entity, rather than any kind of comparison to BtVS or that kind of universe. It's obviously a different story, and obviously there are different styles at play.
Well, I certainly don't want a Fray movie if Joss doesn't want a Fray movie. And I definitely don't want a Fray movie if Joss isn't in charge. I doubt he'd ever give up control of the character in that way anyway. Fray is his baby, and like the Buffy, I don't think he's done with it. I think I read that he wanted to continue Fray in comic form but nothing has come about yet.

What I see as a possibility is that the mainstream attention to the Wonder Woman movie could open up a lot of doors for him. If Wonder Woman is a mainstream success, it could give Joss opportunities to make more movies about whatever he wants. A live-action Fray movie would be expensive, but if he's successful with Wonder Woman and Goners, he's more likely to get the financial backing. Fray is a sci-fi super-hero story and it's an easy sell. I think it could make good money.

I'm more intrigued by Goners than Wonder Woman, but I'm looking forward to both. However, I want Goners to come out after WW because I think that WW will could a big success and that will give Goners the potential to do better in the box office.
Just read Fray for the first time a couple of days ago. Man, had I been missing out! Definitely awesome. It will tide me over well until the next AXM comes out.

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