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July 19 2006

More Props from Serenity Auctioned. Propstore has a bunch of things that I haven't seen there before. Get 'em while they're still (sort of) inexpensive!

Actually there's a lot of things listed there I know for a fact have been bought already. I wrote 'em to see if there's a glitch in their database. If not, woo hoo! More stuff!
It's likely they have more than one -- things break, things get lost.
What is there on this website? It's blocked at work >_<
Mugs, glasses, prop screens, Alliance ship props, among other things.
I recently bought one of framed bank heist notes, and I must say it's damn good looking in person, and it only took a few days to get it shipped to the US.
Got a response back from the Prop Store - the listings are legit. I've been looking at the New Additions section and assuming that was it, but she said that's only the last 60 items.
Wow, there are a lot of things there I would actually buy... if I had the money to blow. Bank heist money's probably the top of my list though.

I dunno, we'll see.

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