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July 19 2006

Alyson Hannigan wants to be in Wonder the invisible jet. An 11-page interview with Alyson Hannigan, where she tells how she almost directed an episode of Buffy, how tips she learned on "The Amazing Race" helped save her vacation, and much more. It's a long interview and she has a lot to say.

What a great interview, thank you for bringing this over here ElectricSpaceGirl. But, is Alexis British? I thought he only played one on Buffy.
It's great to hear things are going so well for them, and that their World Cup experience was so good too.
Everyone, stick around after the movie; maybe Joss will toss Alyson's name into the credits as the invisible jet for laughs.

C'mon, Joss, y'know you want to!
No, he's from Maryland! How funny ...either they figured AH's correction would have made them look silly, or she's too nice to tell them to work a little harder on pre-interview research.
Great that she liked like it in Germany. Alyson I hear you for the Olympics, hope the organisers do this as well...
As for Alexis I think he is american but lived in England for a while so they might have confused it.
Hrm. That article vexes me. Here's why: This was not an exclusive TeenTelevision interview. As many as ten journalists, myself included, were speaking to Alyson at the same time, all asking her questions. The question about Entertainment Weekly naming her one of the best sidekicks is mine for instance. It's a pet peeve of mine when a piece like this is put up with the name of the interviewer or their magazine at the start of each question (instead of stating it was a talk with the press, or putting "Question:" instead of the name of their organization), making it seem like it was a one-on-one. Alas... Alyson was great though. I don't think I'd hold up nearly as well if a bunch of people ran up to me at once and thrust tape recorders in my face.
Could she be any nicer ? I mean without actually wearing puppies about her person or something.

Good interview even if they did get AD's nationality wrong (I wonder if they added the 'being English' in the text transcription so that AH never had a chance to correct them. Otherwise, she takes politeness to the sort of extreme which could earn her an honourary English badge anyway ;).

Wonder who Alexis Denisof supports in the premiership ? I'd suppose he spent a lot of time in London so i'd guess maybe Spurs or Arsenal. Pity really, if he'd only seen St. Mirren play he'd have been an instant convert ;).

(OK, that's the SPL but it's still a premiership. Sort of)

ETA: Ooh, maybe not such a good interview. Bit naughty of them to take all the credit. Nice question too Eric G (props where they're due ;).

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Funny. My husband and I have had the same argument about reading in bed and book lights!
Alexis lived in the UK for over 10 years. He used to do theatre around the UK.
Wow, that was the best Aly interview I've read in quite some time. Very insightful. Thanks for finding and posting, ElectricSpaceGirl :)
Y'know, madhatter, if that is the best interview with Aly in a long time (and I actually agree with you that it was), that's pretty sad, because it really does not ask her anything of real import and it gets no deep answers from her as a result. It is all surface, all easy and largely irrelevant save for helping to build her celebrity status- which is fine as far as it goes. But no one asks her about the craft of acting, no one asks her about her career goals or anything.

About 5-6 months ago, Shiai of slayerlit managed to win a phone call from Amber Benson- and he used it to ask her questions sent in by all the people on slayerlit. And what he got was the best, deepest and most comprehensive interview with Amber Benson in years. It was great, and revelaing. I mean, how many times can you ask Aly if she would reprise Willow? She hasn't altered her answer to that question in two years. How many times can you ask her to speak about her Buffy experience, or about what it is like to work on a half-hour comedy? Or about Marshall and Lily getting back together, when the writers don't give them information in advance?

I know, I am sounding crotchety, and I really am not. I just hanker for something new and of substance; I really have little interest in the personal lives of actors, so what she and Alexis do is fine and dandy, but it has no effect on my life- but her acting does. That's what I love about her, her ability as an actor and what she brings to it, and I never get to see this explored with her.
About 5-6 months ago, Shiai of slayerlit managed to win a phone call from Amber Benson- and he used it to ask her questions sent in by all the people on slayerlit. And what he got was the best, deepest and most comprehensive interview with Amber Benson in years. It was great, and revelaing.

I didn't know anything about this, Dana. Is there anywhere I can read the Q&A?

Go here for that interview, ElectricSpaceGirl.
Dana5140: Keep in mind, the way that piece was written aside, that isn't a real "interview." It was as many as 10 (maybe more?) people asking Alyson one question after another, and the main thing that's interesting/odd is that everyone works for different outlets, focusing on different viewpoints/subjects, so we're all asking different things. My questions included some of the ones about the Buffy/Willow TV movie that wasn't; playing the antagonistic side of the relationship with Jason Segal and the EW article, while other people were asking the ones about her summer traveling and such.

This is my first time at the TCAs, and it's funny seeing how much this happens; I was in a group of journalists talking to Alexis Bledel, and I was asking her if she might be involved in Sin City 2, while someone else was asking, "What's your favorite brand of jeans?"

FYI and some self-promotion. My piece on the Hannigan chat will be up on in the next couple of hours -- it has a couple of brief quotes not included in the TeenTelevision piece regarding Veronica mars.
So is Alexis Bledel going to be in Sin City 2?
Thanks, Eric. My comment was not directed at you, since I could see from your comment the travails you had to attempt to nab Aly under. But I do wish that every now and again someone could explore some more meanigful issues with her. I've seen so many comments so many times now I could give the interview. :-)

And y'know, the cult of celebrity? That's a rant for another day. LOL.

Thanks, April, for providing the link to Shiai's interview.

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Hah! I'm vindicated! Aly thinks Gromit should have been higher in the sidekick hall of fame, too!
I think given that we (now) know all the questions were asked by different people we did comparatively well on the 'facileness' scale Dana5140.

I agree that more insightful questions would be desirable (maybe the Slashdot system of submission and scoring would lead to better questions ?) but I found it to be satisfying in general. Could be i'm just too used to allowing for the usual mass-media drivel (a sad state of affairs if true).
The comment about the change in hair color and that "redheads have more fun" made me think of something my father used to ask whenever he was around a redhead...

Why do gentlemen prefer blondes?

Because they're aren't enough redheads to go around.

> ; )
Alexis Denisof is the luckiest man alive.

And also the most British. pfft.

I really can't picture her as a brunette... I think that would offend me and I'm really glad they didn't post pictures.
I want to see pictures of Aly as a brunette. Are there any photos of her new 'do? Btw, isn't she a natural brunette anyway? Her hair sure looked brown in Welcome to the Hellmouth.
Click on the Alyson Hannigan tag and go back to the other entry about Alyson this week. It has a link to her new do.
I just finished that Amber interview. Why was it never posted here? I think it deserves its own thread, and if the moderators don't mind, I think I'll make one.
Wow. Great thread + great links + AH as a brunette = teh awesomeness. I'm a happy boy. Thanks, folks.
I think it deserves its own thread, and if the moderators don't mind, I think I'll make one

I agree
I was a bit confused then as I knew I'd read that Amber interview before and that it was from a link here. Turns out that last time it was just linked to in the comments section of a previous thread about Amber (by Dana5140). As for the pics of Aly's new hair, they are linked to in the description here or directly.
It is good, isn't it? :-)
With apologies to all the redhead-preferrers (my husband included), she looks fan-frakkin-tastic as a brunette in those pics.

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