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July 19 2006

Comics Continuum gives info on the upcoming Spike: Asylum mini from IDW. The writer praises Joss and Spike. Includes six preview pages. And according to IDW's Chris Ryall, Spike vs. Dracula #4 will be out next week (not this week as previously thought) and the final issue will be out on August 9th.

Really not a fan of the art.

Um.. how does it hint at being post NFA? Didn't IDW already say it was supposed to happen somtime in season 5?

Hope that one of the other two they are annoucing involves Cordy and/or Wes.

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One of them is going to be that Angel Halloween special,I'm sure.The other will probably be that Angel/Spike team-up mini.
I hope both are not Angel/ Spike team-ups. I would like to see Cordy, Wes and the others again. The A/S stories seem to be the same bickering and retelling of stories that could not fit into canon.

Another Angel mini, maybe set in season two would be awesome.
Donna Troy, I guess I read too far into the comments on first reading.
I don't really hint it's post-show. In fact, I wrote it without a specific time frame in mind. Spike's got a soul, and can't walk through walls, but mostly it's just a big epic solo Spike tale.

Sorry you're not a fan of the art, Donna Troy. I'd argue the point but you're already too busy trying to fill Diana Prince's big red boots to talk to me.
LOL!!!!! Those are some big boots to fill, not to mention bra!

I tend to think that the art tries to hard to make the monsters and vamps scary and lose some of the facial images that we love so much about these vamps. I think sometimes they look so evil and larger then life that they are distracting from the story. JMO though.

Brian, are you intrested in writing any other stories for other characters like Cordy, Kate or Wes? Or maybe a new Angel?
I would like to see Cordy, Wes and the others again.

Chris Ryall mentioned over at the IDW forums a while back that the Angel Halloween special will have a Cordelia story and a Puppet Angel story as well as other tasty treats.

And then there's a little Halloween special happening in October, too--more on that soon, but I can tell you that, among the stories in it, Cordelia and the Angel Puppet both finally get their due.

So, yeah, I'm as excited by this stuff as much or more than I've ever been

Chris Ryall
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief
IDW Publishing

After seeing Spike Vs. Dracula,I would love to see a period story with Angelus and Darla being hunted by Holtz.
Brian, the book looks great. So far, the story is intriguing and I love the art. It has a great sense of movement -- it really draws me into the story. I'm looking forward to getting my first issue in September. By the way, I've been enjoying reading your discussions about writing the series that you've been posting on myspace.
Though Holtz bored the hell out of me, I would love to see evil Angelus/Darla.

Ohhhhhh Puppet Angel and Cordy. I am so there.
Donna, I love all of the characters from ANGEL and BUFFY and would enjoy tackling any of them. In a creative sense of course, I couldn't tackle Angel literally, he's too tough. Maybe Wes, if I did it during the first two and a half seasons.
Can you write backstories for the Angel characters? Like would you be allowed to dive into Wes's past with his dad and COW? Maybe how he got to be chosen to be Faith and Buffy's watcher?

It is to bad IDW can not touch Faith. I want to see her interact with Angel and Spike.

You love Spike, I bet you would love ..umm.. tackleing Faith. =P
I have met Ms. Dushku and she was very nice. Tackling her did not once enter my little brain.

Besides, she could kick my ass.

No idea if we could do a comic plunging into Wes' backstory. Not sure if I'd want to write that, but I would absolutely love to read it. Wes is one of my five favorite characters from that world.
Yet another comic I'll be spending my hard-earned dollars on! Can't wait for this to come out.
Browncoat rules.
Someone sent me info about Spike vs. Dracula #4 coming next week, not this week. So I added to the subject line.
I just had to download a calendar just to keep track of all of the comic releases. looks like September is a huge month -- Spike: Asylum, plus Joss' "Stan Lee Meets Spiderman", Astonishing X-Men 17!
Yep, and AXM goes monthly again. I believe the expression is "Woot!" ;).

I hadn't noticed this before but the basic premise reminds me of those slightly creepy anti-gay camps that American kids get sent to so, if that's deliberate, i'm even more there than before. And I was totally there previously so now i'm totally there ++. Exel. GT.

Also, no problems with the art, loads of scope for interpretation and movement. Posalutely defatively buying the singles.

(thouuughhh not to steal any thunder but how very frikkin exciting is it to hear Miller's directing 'The Spirit' movie ? Yup, very frikkin exciting in a thunder stealing stylee - but i'm totally still buying Sp: As Brian, and no messing ;)
Waiting anxiously for this one Brian...and I think the artwork is great.'s Spike...whats not to love????
IMO the art's stunning, I can't wait.

Count me in as someone who'd love to see stories taking place at different points during the show's history Seasons 1-4. Also what about a five-issue historical epic starring Angelus, Spike, Darla and Dru?
paxoman, love that idea! something historical, something that looks at their history. fabulous!
Fantastic Brian, I buy any Spike comics i can get my hands on from IDW.
The art looks superb, i like it when comics have their own style of graphics. Not just duplicating the style,look from the show.
Sorta like Hellboy, in every medium he looks different.
I like the art. It is identifiably Spike without looking like it is a collection of screen caps. (That is not put down anyone else's BTW. Some of the others I have seen also looks good. Besides, I have not seen enough comics to be tempted do that...even if it was my style. ;-) It is just an observation about this one.)

It looks very tempting.
Personally, I find any Buffyverse comics hard to resist; I'd feel like I was missing out otherwise.
Vamp history! The order of Aurelius! yes!
The preview looks great! I love the artwork (and I love me my Spike). Want, have, take.

Count me in. I hope enough will be produced so I have no problems getting each issue. Here in NJ my comic book store only seems to get one or two copies, I ask them to pull a copy for me but I am always afraid they will forget and I will be without my issue.

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