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July 20 2006

Marti Noxon mention in Ausiello's Press Tour Diaries. Her new show 'Brothers and Sisters' is rumored to be in trouble, and it hasn't even premiered yet (last story; scroll down).

This article has more details about the situation.
Wow. Here's hoping that things get resolved, though I think a lot of that rumor is the fact that these details are leaked or given to the public. If they weren't, we wouldn't suspect that it was trouble amiss and not just regular ironing out of details.
Sounds like this is probably not the best summer ever for Marti Noxon. This new show sounds troubled, all right. Also, somebody on Prison Break must have screwed up if they didn't resolve Patricia Wettig's character and also didn't have her under contract to return.
I know that this blog is mixed re Marti Noxon, but I wish her all the best. Not much here beyond rumors, although there is the whole "where's there's smoke" thing. I hope her show goes well.

Thanks, scotto, for that extra link.

ETA! Sorry Simon!

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I know that this board is mixed re Marti Noxon

We're a blog!
I'm sorry; I hope I didn't come across as anti-Marti Noxon by posting. I just thought it was interesting; I hadn't realized she was on Brothers and Sisters. And yes - thanks, Scotto, for the additional information! Should be interesting...
I have much more hope for the show. First of all because the female cast is fantastic - Rachel Griffiths, Sally Field, Calista Flockhart and Patricia Wettig! Second because the ALIAS cast is in it and third because the ALIAS producers/writers as well as Marti Noxon are involved. It will not be bad. My biggest concern is that the network asked the producers to dumb down the show and "cheer it up" for the masses. Can't imagine how for example "Six Feed Under" would have fared with those same directives.
The situation with Tom Skerritt really says a lot more than anyone involved with the program might want, since they were apparently out of a loop that had already been made public. This is not a promising start to the show.
We're a hamster!
Well at least you're not a grandmother. Beat that one Mr Obscure Quote Man.

It does like studio interference more than anything but like anything on the telly, we live and die by the ratings.
Betty Buckley was going to be in it? I'm soooo glad Ms. Fields replaced her (even if she didn't know who Rambaldi was). What a freakin' diva!! OK guys, I work at a performing arts center that presented her several years ago (and again this season, she's coming back, grrrrr), and I have some gossip on her regarding SMG. I'll only tell with Simon's permission :) It's a little off topic, but being a fan of SMG it really pissed me off. Totally understand if I can't dish it out, so if you want to know email me.

Well, my heart goes out to Marti. Here's hoping it will work out. With Marti *and* all the Alias bunch I'm hoping it will. How can it be bad with them in the mix?
Harmalicious, your comment comparing 2 actresses (and I'm guessing you've not worked with Sally Field) is very, very ironic. You have no idea! That's all I'll say on a public blog, hamster or grandmother.

On topic...It's so hard to get a show off the ground, and it does bode very poorly indeed that the network is already asking for big changes. "Brothers and Sisters" might be a good show, but having to deal with an unsupportive network...well, good luck to them!

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