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July 21 2006

The 1 Second Film. Project to make the shortest film ever. Yup, its 1 second long. And partly produced by Seth Green.

Its basically a 1 second long film, consisting of 12 giant frames. The makers of this film are selling $1 producer credits. Basically, you pay $1, you get your name in the credits. They'll use the money and things you donate to make the film and all the money left over and the profits from the film will be given to the Global Fund for Women. Theres a whole bunch of celebrities who've bought credits, including Seth, who, according to the site, has donated $41.

Wow, that's awesome! Hey, I'd donate a dollar.
If Serenity fans were to club together to collect money to try and appear in the top ten producers list, would that be the nerdiest thing ever?
So gossi will be organizing the Browncoat effert, huh? Good on you, gossi. Way to nominate yourself. mwwwwaaaaahhhhh.

Sounds like a wonderful effort!! They will be getting a dollar from me.
I'm also convinced that it will never actually happen; I became a producer about 2 years ago at the Toronto International Film Festival, and still no sign of them wrapping up.
thespian, you have to give these things time. Imagine how long it would take to shoot 1 second's worth of footage.
Think there'll be a 5-second director's cut?
Oh God, do we really need a film that's 5 seconds long ? I remember when a director could tell a story in no more than 2 seconds and writers had to exercise a bit of discipline. Still, i'm curious to hear the director's commentary.
Still, i'm curious to hear the director's commentary.

I'm betting it will be "Umm...."

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