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July 21 2006

Poster for the "The Return." (Sarah Michelle Gellar's new movie.) "Sarah Michelle Gellar in a supernatural thriller? What a stretch!!" You have to scroll down...

This is very neat poster. Kinda like the Grudge only creepier. I am looking forward to this movie.
I was much more interested in the poster for Hot Fuzz. I was laughing my ass off.
Yeah, the poster is pretty creepy. Don't know anything about the film but the poster has me intrigued (that and knowing SMG's in it).

Also, 'Hot Fuzz' and '300' ? Two words. Eagerly. Anticipated.

And two more. Funicular. Railway.

(they just don't appear often enough, that's all)

I'm with you on Hot Fuzz, Saje. Shaun of the Dead is my second favorite movie of all time!

What's 300, though?
300 is based on the Battle of Thermopylae. It's when 300 Greek Spartans held off an army of 10,000 persians. It's also based on the graphic novel that was based on the ancient battle.
Yep, it's the film adaptation of a Frank Miller graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae where 300 Spartans (and, in real life, about 700 Thespians) held back the entire Persian army (realistic estimates range from 60,000 to 400,000 men though Herodotus puts it at something like 4 million, crazy old coot ;) to give the retreating Greek army time to escape.

It's a pretty good book and I think it's being made in a similar way to 'Sin City' so i've got high hopes.
Frank Miller just signed on to do The Spirit film based on Will Eisnerís comic .And yeah,this poster for The Return is creepy.

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The comic series does show warriors from other city-states joining the Spartans - it's told from the Spartans' point of view, hence the title.

And yeeeeeah Hot Fuzz!

So what's The Return about?
300 couldn't come out soon enough!!! It's a wonderful GN and I've been enjoying the (leaving-me-wanting-more) production blogs. I'm with everyone else when I say "what is 'the Return' about"?? Is it the movie formerly known as "Revolver"? It seems Sarah's made / is making a bunch of movies, but we haven't seen any in two years! Creepy poster!
Looks very Grudgey. I agree with CaptainB, it's weird that we've heard so much about SMG's projects like Southland Tales and A Girl's Guide To Hunting and Fishing, but we haven't actually seen her in much for the past few years. I definitely think the next few years will be very busy as some of these films start to come out.

News about The Return has been pretty sparse, though. I did quite enjoy The Grudge but I didn't think it was particularly memorable and didn't offer SMG a chance to show off her skills too much. I'm glad it was a success for her and it was a decent movie, but I'd like to see her doing something more multi-layered and character driven. More psychological horror than "boo, a white faced kid!" type of scares.

But I am excited about her films, she's got a nice variety going on so I'm hoping she will get more deserved attention.
IMDB says:

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Plot Outline: A succesful young business woman starts having nightmares about a young woman who was murdered 25 years ago.

I don't think the movie is as supernatural and "Grudgy" as the poster makes it out to be. I'll probably see it no matter what. Plus, SMG as a brunette!
ElectricSpaceGirl: I think you're exactly right. The plot has supernatural elements, but I'm pretty sure it's not even close to a 'horror'. It's smart marketing to hint in that direction though I would guess. The poster certainly grabs the attention, and I always like seeing the name of an actor I like above the title of a film.

Things are definitely going to be getting very busy soon with regards to Sarah's movies. TG2 will be out in October, The Return in November, ST will be out in roughly January of next year. Then the middle of next year onwards I guess will see The Air I Breathe and Girls' Guide. That's not even including Happily N'Ever After which is rumoured to be coming in around March of next year. Great stuff.
I totally agree with ESG and Impossible. To me, this movie seems more like a "What Lies Beneath" type of thriller and I'm totally looking forward to seeing it.
The Return is supposed to have a trailer with The Grudge 2.
Creepy looking poster. Can't wait til all these movies come out. It has been a long wait for more SMG!
And is she still going to play "Alice" in Wonderland? I forgot about the Air I Breathe--the concept is really exciting to me.
Holy crap - that is one creeeeeepy poster! Haven't seen anything of SMG since The Grudge and the episodes of BtVS Season 10 where Buffy, Giles and Willow go to Ulaanbaatar to .... oh wait, I guess no-one who isn't me has seen any of those!

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