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July 21 2006

Serenity nominated for SpikeTV Scream Award. The network, which bills itself as "for men," is hosting its inaugural Scream Awards 2006. Serenity is nominated for Best Science Fiction Movie.

Of course it could have been nominated for more than that, but good news is the voting is open to the public. Even better news -- we Browncoats can vote often as it seems there are no restrictions. Of course, space them out, so it doesn't look like we're stuffing the ballot box. ;)

Let's vote, browncoats!
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Seems a lot of digg users are also browncoats ;-)

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It would be so cool for Serenity to win. The irony of it all, since SpikeTV is considered a "Men's Channel" and the movie is connected to Equality Now.
They put Batman Begins in "Best Sequel"? Morons!
Regarding "Serenity"'s tie to Equality Now: I am sure that the mission of that organization is not to alienate or exclude men. I would think that their aim is to unite women and men in the campaign to guarantee the rights and safety of women. In that sense, I don't think it's ironic for both Spike fans and Equality Now supporters to be associated with "Serenity" and Joss; I think it would be really wonderful for the "men's channel" to get its consciousness raised and join the EN campaign. (Now the name of the channel...there's your irony, or, at least, your amazing coincidence!)

And wouldn't happen to be a Sicilian assassin by any chance, would you? ;)
Wow, an awards show where I cared about pretty much every category. Since I couldn't vote for 'V' for Vendetta against Serenity, I sure made up for it in the other categories.
Guys, this is SpikeTV. We don't even want their approval. In fact, I would go so far as to say an award from them would be a significant blow to the credibility of all good science fiction.

Having said that, I'm sure we don't stand a chance, considering the overwhelming demographic of the channel is middle-aged fat guys who have probably never even heard of Serenity.

(Sorry to all SpikeTV watchers reading this, I wasn't talking about you).
We don't even want their approval

I'll take any publicity we can get. If Serenity had been a box office hit and captured the cinematic zeitgeist then we could be in a position to say "nah we didn't need this award". But it didn't and beggars can't be choosers.
Having said that, I'm sure we don't stand a chance, considering the overwhelming demographic of the channel is middle-aged fat guys who have probably never even heard of Serenity.

"Every problem is an opportunity in disguise." If the SpikeTV viewers haven't heard of Serenity, then I guess its up to us to make it a bit more obvious to them. If Serenity did win then how many SpikeTV viewers might then be inspired to go out and rent it?
I agree with Simon and White Knight. At this point I'll take any positive publicity we can get for our beloved Serenity. And this is a good chance to expose the film to people who might not have gone to see it.

Plus, while the network does gear its programming towards the male demographic, I watch it all the time because it has CSI on every day. And I most certainly am not male. ;)

This is a great chance to broaden the appeal, imho, for Serenity, while keeping it in the public eye. Especially since by the time the awards show actually airs, it will have been almost a year since the movie first hit theaters.
Serenity came out September 30th, so it will have been over a year since the movie came out.

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