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July 22 2006

Things we didn't know about Julie Benz (Darla).

I'm getting more and more excited about Dexter, which has been talked about here before. Too bad we don't subscribe to Showtime, dang it. :-(
And who thought hemorrhoid surgery could be so unpleasant - oh wait ......
Heh, heh. Throws a perfect tomato.
Well, thank the Gods for hemorrhoid surgery! If she had never witnessed one we may not have ever had our deliciously evil Darla!!
So true, Firefly Flanatic! Yeah for hemorrhoids!
Things we really didn't want to know about Julie Benz more like.
He He, Simon I really felt like I was bringing down the usually highly sophisticated level of discussion on the site but I couldn't resist, also I had forgotten she is going to be in Dexter.
I did a double take when I first saw an ad for Dexter. I did not recognize Michael C. Hall at all. I guess I had him typecast as an effeminate gay male from his 6FU years. Glad to see he him playing a totally different type of character and pulling it off.

I'm more happy to see Julie Benz back on a regular series. I love her as Darla. The return of Darla on Angel is one of my all time favorite TV storylines.
Amen, Hjermsted.

And she seems so personable in interviews. She makes me want to be her friend.

Unlike the "professional" SMG.
Now now, we can we love all our blondes without comparing them to one another. Have you learned nothing from Angel?
Haha ^

I guess not!

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