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"I miss my home. I miss my mom. I miss the gang. And churros. And sex. Great Muppety Odin, I miss that sex."
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July 22 2006

SMG does an introduction of a "Grudge 2" documentary. I don't know if this has been posted before, I haven't seen it but SMG looks as stunning as ever and it was really nice of her.

Very cool. She looks great.
Dammit, can't get it to play...
Wow, she looks great there.

Edit. Theres a webisode for the movie here.

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Wow - she isn't all skin and bones; looks damned lovely there.
Wouldn't work for me either! Stupid lousy, slow dial-up!

Anyway, that was very nice of her to do that!
Is this any help ?

Screen captures here.

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Thanks for the screencaps!! I didn't bother trying the other link because I just wanted to see how she looked! I'll check it out later if I can!

She looks fabulous!! That girl has gorgeous hair and should do shampoo/hair dye commercials! I'd prefer seeing her face all over the place instead of Sarah Jessica Parker doing the hair dye commercials!
SMG is a beauty. It was very sweet of her to do this. Man how I miss Buffy.
Gosh, I miss Buffy that it hurts!!!
Wow! You're so right. Not that there was anything wrong with the recent Sarah, but I haven't seen her this beautiful since like high school Buffy. She was gorgeous back there.

I truly think we'll get our Buffy back at some point. Maybe as a feature, maybe as a spin off show like in 15 years time, but Slayerverse will be back and with it, atleast to a degree, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy.
Very lovely woman. And she seemed to just totally nail it first time as well (or that could just be movie magic). What a pro.

(to me, she doesn't seem any different to recent photos though maybe just with less unflattering clothes)
I agree Saje. She doesn't look more beautiful than usual, just more Buffy like than usual. I think it's the hair.
It gives you a thrill to see her looking so much like the Buffy character but a pang of sadness too because only Joss knows when we will see her in that role again.
SMG looks great as a brunette but must admit,I missed the blonde.It was nice to see it here again and to know,we'll see it like this in,The Grudge 2.I think she is one of those people who can wear their hair in different colors and look great in each.

I also miss Buffy and Sarah in the role.

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She looks as gorgeous as ever. I miss Buffy - and Angel - also. But I'm so happy that SMG is doing so well post Buffy.
She looks absolutely gorgeous. She can look wonderful in any hair color. I have been following her career since I saw (and fell in love with) Buffy. Buffy and the scoobies are the reason I loved the show so much and it's good to see the actress that brought her to life doing so well.

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