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July 22 2006

Buffy's Second Season available on iTunes! Who knows how long it's been there, but I am beyond psyched. Just more opportunities to spread some Jossy goodness. In addition, if the great folks over at Apple are uploading another season to their store, the first season must have sold relatively well. Yay us! (link opens up relevant iTunes page).

I added the link for you, obviously this is for US peeps only and you need iTunes to see what's on offer.
Peachy with a side of keen!

Now if only Fox would put The Inside up on iTunes.
One day, the UK store will catch up.
And they've taken the liberty to rename "Passions" as "Old Passion." And the "B,B &B" love spell is on Cordy. Oh, well. This is still great.

[ edited by CaptainB on 2006-07-23 00:29 ]
The love spell was on Cordy. It just kind of.... missed.
I highly doubt The Inside will ever be added.
Looks like season 1 is available as well, but it requires a search to find them.
Ah, that's awesome! I love season 2 of Buffy SO much....truly a brilliant season.
If someone can somehow get a sales report - how many people buy these episodes - it would be very interesting.

(Yeah, I know, "define 'interesting'.")
Thanks, Simon.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to link into the music store. I'm glad you helped!

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